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    JChapman Guest

    Default Girl working at subway

    There's this subway I go to about once a week. Usually drop in after the gym if I don't feel like making dinner. There's an HB9 there and until yesterday, I wasn't thinking about picking her up. I'm not sure if it's too late to pick her up since I've been there so much and she recognizes me. What happened yesterday that made me really attracted to her was that I locked myself out of my car and since my phone was in the car, I had no way to call anyone. I went back into subway and asked the HB if I could use her cell to call a friend and after I finished with the call, I talked with the HB for a few minutes.

    It was just small talk and I honestly don't remember much except that I asked her if she still kept a teddy bear in her room. She said she did and I told her that I ask because I had read an article earlier about how to tell a woman's personality based on their shoes. She was wearing flats and I told her the teddy bear thing was one of the things the article mentioned. She lit up and seemed to enjoy the conversation, explaining that her dad gave her that teddy bear when she was born and has had it since then, but I don't think it was an ioi since she's just generally very friendly and upbeat.

    It was cold outside so I just waited inside while she continued working. She came by one more time just to talk, but most of the time she was working. Her shift ended, she said something like "see ya. that really sucks. hope your ride gets here soon" and left.

    So my ride gets there 10 minutes later and I get HB9's number from my friend's phone and I text her. Note the time between my second message and her second message

    Me (9:40 PM): Hey, it's Jay from Subway. Got your # from my friend's phone. Thanks again for letting me use your cell. Owe ya one."
    HB9 (9:44 PM): Aww nah you don't owe me anything. It was np. You all good now?
    Me (9:54 PM): Ya. What's your name btw? I never asked you before.
    HB9 (4:06 AM): Kelly

    After I texted asking for her name and she didn't reply, I thought I had demonstrated way too many dlv's and just generally came off as an AFC. But then she texted her name 6 hours later at 4 in the morning so I'm not sure what to make of that. Do you guys think I should just move on and find a different girl? Or if I should stick with Kelly then how should I proceed? I haven't texted her back or stopped by her work.

    Like I mentioned, I haven't been getting many ioi's from her. Also, locking myself out of my car is a pretty big dlv and whenever I had come in there before, I wasn't thinking of picking her up so her first impression of me probably isn't that great. I think I never paid attention to her since I just got out of a relationship and I hadn't been looking for a girl recently.

    So yeah. Is this hopeless? If not, how do you guys suggest I proceed?

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    Default Re: Girl working at subway

    She isn't interested. You will have your work cut out for you if you want to game her haha

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    JChapman Guest

    Default Re: Girl working at subway

    Yeah. I figured as much since there were barely any IOIs. Any suggestions on how to move forward? I was really into pickup stuff a couple years ago, but I've been out of the game for so long.

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    Grimbo Guest

    Default Re: Girl working at subway

    you already know her, so you jsut need to start building attraction, than building comfort and rapport. Than use her # again, and CALL her and tell her your goin to like putt putt mini golf or something and she should go as well. Just keep the ball rollin dude, shes not interested yet but you can hook her

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    JChapman Guest

    Default Re: Girl working at subway

    Yeah. I'm thinking about inviting her to this restaurant my friends and I are going to next week, but I need to build attraction first like you said. I've been out of the pua scene for a long time now though so I need to brush up and relearn all the things I learned a couple years ago. I'm a little confused about her 4:00 am text though. I'm probably over analyzing it, but I can see two situations about why she took so long. Keep in mind that this was on a Friday night so she was probably going out with friends. So the two situations:

    1. She saw my text asking for her name, ignored it, went out with her friends, then at 4:00 am when she got home, she decides to text me back her name. Why did she even text back if it was 6 hours later? If she wasn't interested, why not just delete my text or ignore it?

    2. She didn't see the text until 4 am because she either went out with friends or fell asleep.

    Any insight on her late night text? Again, I'm probably over analyzing it, but I think it's a pretty good gauge on how she views me.

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