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    Default The Ultimate Secret

    Hey guys,

    I seriously feel I have discovered the ultimate secret to getting girls, being awesome, and all that jazz.

    The secret? - Being in a great mood.

    Whenver I go out to a bar, and I just start laughing and get in a great mood, girls just crowd around, and I don't even need to think about what to say, funny things just Roll Off the tongue. The last time I got in this zone, the head cheerleader at my school invited everyone to a different bar, and ALL the people stayed with me and turned her down. One girl said "No! Raven is being really fun!" It made me feel great (although that cheerleader, a friend, has never quite liked me since... she could've just stayed and had fun too though!).

    All I did was get in a good mood and not care. Whenever I'm going out with my girlfriend, I get into a great mood. I may be a little goofy here and there (sometimes I amuse myself too much! lol) but I instantly become crazy fun, and I have a ton of fun myself, and she loves it. Upbeat music and funny stuff gets me in this mood quicker.

    So, the ultimate secret to success is being in a great, excited mood. It makes you charismatic, gets your mind off yourself and anything negative, and turns you into a social magnate.

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    Default Re: The Ultimate Secret

    It's not THAT big of a secret, but it is often neglected by PUA's. Most of them, especially beginners focus exclusively on pick-up, when instead they shoud be focusing on themselves and just have fun.

    What is often elusive also is that again, most beginners focus on hooking up with women as a means to an end ( having fun ), instead of the other way around.

    This is a very healthy Mindset and the one that produces the most results.

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