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    Default Revived back picking up ....need some help

    I've been away awhile cause my grandmother had a stroke and I had to just focus on her. So anyway

    My sister and I are in colelge together and the other day

    I walk out and her and her two twin friends were there they introduced themselves to me one is in my class so then my sister says were going with them out to lunch after class tomorro.

    So i figure I've been away from the pick up scene too long so how can i pick up one of them i am good with approaching, its the conversating and everything after approach i need help with

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    Default Re: Revived back picking up ....need some help

    You mean you need to learn/re-learn basically everything. Is that it?

    Run over the M3 model and practice it for a few days. It'll refresh your game gets your confidence going for the moment. It's outline is still valid, even if most routines are over-used ( I wouldn't call them out-dated, because they are still very effective, they're just used by so so many PUA's out there ).

    It's been posted around here, I don't know where exactly. crash and burn if necessary, it'll do good for you in the long run.

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