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Thread: Vin DiCarlo Pandora's Box

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    I've been using pandoras box for a while now and think it is worth every penny. It is amazing to quickly know exactly what type of girl she is, and then adjust my game accordingly.

    Worth it's weight in gold I say.

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    Default Re: Vin DiCarlo Pandora's Box

    I am not sure if this girl is a realist or idealist. But, I am confident that she is an investor and justifier.
    -She is in a PHD program, about to start working as a school psychologist (or similar job). Before that, she had some kind of administrative/ leadership in Jewish (youth?) organization
    -both of her parents are doctors.
    -she says she is very close with her brother who has the spectrum disorder (although he graduated law school and is now in some PhD program, but she seems to think he will/ did have issues in the work world)
    -I think she tried to catch me when I fell ice skating (but I ended up knocking her over)
    -she doesn't wear makeup
    -I don't think she was dressed very well on second date but was outdoors, little messy
    -she was asking me a lot of economic questions early on (Who is this business partner that I speak of? Do I have my MBA? Do I rent or own?)
    -her parents bought her a house but she is going to pay the mortgage when she starts working in few weeks
    -I googled her name and it says she won some kind of community/ neighborhood award.
    -I heard that she was dating a guy/ guys who were unemployed (although I'd kind of guess highly educated unemployed)
    She does seem like the modern woman more than cinderella.

    What I am thinking is that her parents may put a lot of pressure on her with the education (or planning to quit the career for a guy). So she might not really be a realist.

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