ok so im a beginner and today was my first time sarging alone. it was sunday @ the mall in NY and was not good because there were no any 9-10HB alone, i brought down my standards to HB7+ and nothing, the only girls alone were with their family. and there were plenty of 2 sets but i'm not ready for that, got into PUA two months ago and studying intensely. i opened today and failed with
" do you have the time"
"actually dont bother i already have the time, i just wanted an excuse to talk with you"

that failed on me because she gave me the time in less than one milisecond so i talked on top of her, i should have paused. is that one indirect or direct?

anyways, i HAVE just finished up customizing an opening line to try out on like 40 chicks tomorrow. or maybe 10-20 lol. tomorrow the parents will be working, monday! so hopefully i'll find chicks alone. i shud.

i want to know if this one i came up with sounds direct enough:

cutflow's custom opener:
1. i try to make some sort of eye contact, movement, maybe if i have a water bottle ill just raise it up to my chest, in hopes that she'll look at me and then ill smile and wave.

2. if she makes eye contact with me and smiles back or doesnt do any of them, well ill walk in front of her till i get close enough to open

3. i open with:

a) hey, hows it going.

*wait for her response*

b) i know this is a bit random (