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    SaintnSinNA Guest

    Question Girl at bank....

    Ok am totally new to this PUA stuff after a recent break up..

    Scenario: a new new bank branch has just opened up recently close by, With new staff etc.. there is this new girl there HB8-9 and works at the counter

    HOw do i approach in a environment like this? if i try it wiv her i only have limited time (hell, i dont wanna hold up the queue of people behind me!) and if i get shot down i still have to bank there so it be doubly embarassing!

    Any advice is most welcome

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    Default Re: Girl at bank....

    don't be too straightforward. approach her to have fun during your workday cause that's who you are (it shows dhv)

    if she turns you down for trying to have a good time at work she's a sour sandy vagina and it isn't your loss, it's hers.

    if she clicks, the game is on :]
    Remember my name lady, you'll be screaming it later.

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    SaintnSinNA Guest

    Default Re: Girl at bank....

    Thank dude..but i think you misunderstood me..i dont work there, i just put my deposits there every week or so.. i dont want to make it awkward afterwwards if my hit fails you know? :P

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