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    steven1 Guest

    Default How to Get Girls to Like YOU! Found some great tips.

    I found the following tips on how to get girls to like you. They are all pretty easy to do.

    Understanding how to get girls has a lot to do with understanding what girls want. It is a question that every guy has asked themselves at some point in their lives. What do these girls want that I can give them that will make them attracted to me?

    By knowing how to get girls, you will elevate yourself among men who have no idea. This alone is something that women are very attracted to: taking initiative to get what you want. If you surround yourself with beautiful women, then other girls take notice. Women want what other women have.

    So how do you start to attract women so that other women will take notice? What can you do that will impress women enough to be attracted to you? Read on…

    How to get girls:

    1. Have an Impressive Life
    This doesn’t mean you have to be a mountain climber or rock star in order to learn how to get girls. It means you need to add something unique to your life that will make women interested in learning more about you.

    If you have an interesting hobby, or play a musical instrument (or at least say you do), these are the sorts of things that will make women take notice. You want to be able to add things to a girl’s life that she can’t do on her own.

    Make the women around you feel impressed about something you can do that not many other guys can.

    2. Don’t be Clingy
    Knowing how to get girls means you aren’t clingy or creepy when you are around them. I think everyone knows at least one guy who could care less about women, life or just about anything else for that matter. And we bet that there are women out there who are absolutely attracted to him! Why? Because he simply doesn’t care!

    Women secretly want to be idolized by the men in their lives. However, as soon as the man puts her on a pedestal, then she moves on to some other guy who she can manipulate into worshiping her.

    If you are able to play it cool and not come off as someone who worships the ground that women walk on, then we promise that more women will take notice. This does take patience, but we promise it will pay off!

    3. Make Her Laugh
    Humor is probably the most important quality that a man can have to make women attracted to him. If a guy can make a girl laugh, then he understands how to get girls better than most.

    Using humor is a sure way to make women attracted to you. Most women rank humor as more important than a man’s money, physical appearance or education. Do you know what this means? All you need to do is make her laugh and you will get the girl every time.

    4. Your Appearance Does Matter
    As we said earlier, knowing how to get girls doesn’t always mean you need to be better looking than every other guy out there. However, we would be lying if we said that appearance doesn’t matter.

    While you don’t need to be Brad Pitt to attract a lot of women, you should try and at least uphold a “clean” appearance around women. There is nothing more unattractive to women than a man who smells bad or whose breath is like the inside of a toilet you just threw up in.

    Try to throw some cologne on, or better yet, where some pheromones. The sense of smell is one of the most powerful senses that humans use to determine a mate. Use this to your advantage by smelling like a stud.

    5. Make Her Feel Special, not like a Queen
    Clearly, you’re going to want to say nice things to her about the way she looks or about her personality to let her know you are interested. However, you NEVER want to blab on about how hot she is during the entire conversation. If she is an attractive girl, than chances are she knows it already.

    Attractive women are approached or inadvertently hit on, on average, ten times a day by guys like you. If you want to know how to get girls, you need to stand out in the crowd, not blend in.

    Say that you like her style. Tell her she has a pretty smile or mesmerizing eyes. Talk about things that other guys haven’t already commented on ten times that day. You will stand out this way.

    This is the MOST important thing you need to understand when learning how to get girls. You need to come off as someone who is confident or she will not take you seriously. According to most women, confidence, as well as humor, is one of the most attractive qualities in a man.

    You need to get over your Approach Anxiety and just go up to the girls you want to talk to. We know that for most guys, they would rather shave their pubes with a rusty butter knife than approach an attractive woman and start talking. But because most guys think like this, you can elevate yourself and get the girl you want.

    The more you just go out there and causally and confidently start to approach women and start talking to them, the more comfortable you will be doing it. Practice makes perfect here!

    7. Don’t be “That Guy”
    Don’t be that guy out there who offers to buy girls drinks in hopes they will want to go home with them. Now, purchasing a girl a drink is a great way to gain attraction if done correctly. But NEVER let the first words out of your mouth be, “Can I buy you a drink”? Why? Because now she just found her little servant who will do anything she wants him to do.

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    Default Re: How to Get Girls to Like YOU! Found some great tips.

    Good points, thx man

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    jozee182 Guest

    Default Re: How to Get Girls to Like YOU! Found some great tips.

    awesome stuff. its good to emphasize on not buying drinks for girls

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    Default Re: How to Get Girls to Like YOU! Found some great tips.

    The most important personality trait a woman/girl is looking for in a man is definitively self-confidence... But it's also the most difficult to acquire if you don't possess it 'naturally'.

    Tip to build some self-confidence:

    Get rejected.

    "What?!" You ask?
    Yes. That's the best way to get over it. To realize your world won't crumble down if a girl ignores or rejects you.

    Find a place where you nobody knows you, at far enough from your school/work place and home... for you to go pratice your approaches and game there, where you can create (a new) yourself.

    You never saw these girls before and will probably never meet them again (unless your successful of course). So, tell me, what do you have to lose?

    That's the only way to truly acquire experience and to realize that's not the end of the world if a girl say no to you. There 3 billions more waiting...

    Get out of your comfort zone and, paradoxically, you'll feel... more comfortable. Because you won't have that much pressure from your environment like friends, foes and people simply knowing you.

    Also, read! Read pua routines, tips, material.
    The more you read, the more it'll make sense to you.
    And you would have acquired KNOWLEDGE, the other half of what is needed to become confident.

    You won't be afraid (as much) of not knowing what to do or to say anymore. You'll know.

    Maybe you'll get rejected once or twice (or more who cares?) but you will succeed once or twice... At first and then more and more.
    Till you're confident in your own capacity to seduce because that's exactly what you'll be doing!

    Anyway if you don't do anything how do you expect to increase your self-confidence.

    So, my tip: Experience/Practice and Knowledge.

    Find your 'private/secret spots' and get your game going!
    Because never forget that's a game. So, have fun.

    It's like when you started to learn how to ride a bike. Maybe you fell quite a few times before to master this new activity. Did the bruises and the pain prevented you from having fun?
    See what I mean?

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    Default Re: How to Get Girls to Like YOU! Found some great tips.

    good stuff man! for all the newbies out their that is called dhv demonstrating high value another form of dhv is vlv (verbalising low value) it's a bit hard if u don't have rock hard confidence, but it shows a softer more vulnerable side to u without making u look like a pussy.Be serious not cocky when u say this stuff, if u sound cocky that would make u look like an ass cuz this doesn't work if u don't show her the opposite:
    i'm poor, then pay with a hundred dollar bill.
    i'm shy, then flirt with the waitress or random girl.
    their r a lot more but i have to go now if someone is interested send me a private message....

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