Time: Sophomore Year
Place: St. Joseph's College
The Girl: A freshman, very short (i like that) dark brown hair, tight waist and decent set of tits.
The AMOG: Senior, Same height as me, douche-bag frat boy

This was a time when I wasn't nearly as good as I am today. My game back then was totally different. I used to think that the "pua community" could teach me how to seduce anyone I wanted. Like a lot of the advertising tells us. How many times have you heard, "with this secret routine you can open and fuck any girl in any situation in 15 minutes."? That type of advertising is everywhere. So at that age and because so much of what I was learning was working for me, I believed it.

First day of Sophomore year, I see this amazing little cherish surrounded by 8 chodes in a circle. Which tells me, one guy said something to her and all of his friends came over in hopes of getting some attention. I'll yell at my friends for doing that to me. Assholes, don't cockblock, your presence is not needed, you only add creepiness to it. As a former chode myself I wait. aa Took over me, the anxiety of walking up to a girl with 8 guys around her was too much for the beginner me. 12:45pm hits and classes resume. The guys start to clear, I make my move.

I walk up as she's packing her bags, and say something. (It was a long time ago, I think it was a stupid indirect, wierdo opener from the routines manual). It does its job. I talk and walk with her. Ask her what's she's studying. Turns out we have a Biology class together. "Alright I have a lab partner" I exclaimed. And we did, I sat next to her and did all the lab projects together. And I still didn't win the girl.

There was this douche bag frat boy sitting behind her. Not a community guy just a senior who liked short girls. He never said anything super clever, never used a routine, never did any of that shit. Sure he had tendancy's of a natural like phone numbers and touching weren't a big deal for him, unlike so many of us in the beginner stages. I tried to battle him for months, a whole semester. All I got was a phone number and texted her a few times, (about homework) what a bitch chode I was. He eventually got the girl and went out with her for a few months and broke up whenever. Didn't keep track.

His only real advantage was that she was going into a sorority. All the frat guys hung out with the sorority sisters. So he had a little more informal time with her.

The point of all it is that even with "super secret lines, routines, games, and tactics" The douche bag frat boy got the girl and I didn't. I had to realize that I'm not going to get every girl that I see. Like the marketing of so many companies advertise. I can't control people or situations, I can only influence the way it goes. So next time you see someone advertising that you can get any girl all the time, tell them to go s#ck a d!ck.

Post here if something similar has ever happened to you