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i know where you're coming from. one thing i've subconsciously known that was really affirmed through this forum was confidence is key. you gotta f-ing own who you are. be certain of what you're in to and what you're like. you have to have an interesting in something specific, i'd find that club that you have a genuine interest in and are good at. this way, you're not there just to hook up with people, but people will notice your passion, and people like other people with passions. i feel like you're trying too hard to get friends. when you're at a club event just be cool and do something that will get you noticed in a positive way. if you just try to be fun and bring fun to where you are, then people will want to hang out with you. what may seem awkward or kind of weird to you, especially if you're shy, will look normal to other people.

I am accomplishing these things, but they never initiate or invite me to something nor do they seem to be interested in whatever I plan / invite.

I really think it's the problem of where I am, not who I am.