This is a total starter course, you will go from you, to higher levels of game than any “expert” on the computer. As far as products by the way, I suggest Anthony Robbins relationship makeover or whatever its called, “The power of now”, and a subscription to gq and mens health (reading the articles will give you a lot of cool stuff to talk about).

This is a little costly, but its worth it.

Buy 2 pairs of jeans, and slacks, 4 t-shirts, and 2 button ups, and 2 cheap pairs of shoes (one casual, one dress), 4 pairs of nice underwear, 2 pairs of casual/sport socks, 2 pairs of dress socks, and 2 belts (dress/casual) . Find pictures of what you like on the internet and hire a consultant; update every 3 months – only buy things that are on sale – it doesn’t have to be name brand, it jus has to look it. (Total – this cost me 500 dollars, that included the consult)

Hire a personal trainer/nutritionist for 2-3 days a week, and join an mma club
For 2-3 days a week. An alternative to mma is an inter-mural sports team, anything that has you hanging out with guys doing manly sh1t and getting in shape. (about 300/mo)

Do your best to get your teeth/skin problems fixed, get a dermatologist and a dentist, ask for the quickest solutions possible, sometimes rather than braces, you can just grind teeth down and get veneers, that’s what I did – it was cheaper and took 2 weeks to have perfect teeth. (financed, about 200/mo)

Oh and start tanning, join a salon and let them help you with lotions, just make sure you don’t go overboard. (about 50/mo)

Get a manicure/pedicure, watch what they do and do that to yourself once a week.

Get a Norelco body shaver and get your body hair in check. Trimmed – not shaved.

Go to the best mens hair salon in town, wearing the clothes that you love, and ask for a consult, let them cut your hair, take pictures, every 2 weeks go to a cheapie place to get it fixed up – every few months you might have to go back to the fancy place though. (about 50/mo)

Join Improv Class and a dance or yoga class . Women are here, so you can make female friends (make as many as you can) and you can get quick on your feet and more in the moment rather than in your head. (about 100/mo)

Do whatever it takes to get your career somewhere that you are totally proud of in the next 6 months, literally everybody can increase income and self satisfaction in their career in 12 weeks with 6 hours of focus a week. I started training people privately during my lunch breaks and increased my income by 25% - this allowed me to spend weekdays working, and take 3 days weekends to be totally free and have the money to really go do whatever I wanted, as well as have a career that I am super proud of. (for me +2,000/mo)

Keep your house, car, and self impeccably clean.

Join an online dating site, maybe 2, maybe 3. Hire one of the services to write your profile for you. Get a good friend or family member to dedicate 3 hours or so just taking awesome profile pictures of you, wear your new clothes, take pictures at parties and put them on facebook, look as social as possible. (about 100/mo)

If you send out 32 Original messages per week you will probably get 8 answers, of that you will probably get 4 dates, And 2 second dates, and about 1 fling from that..

So if you sent out just 5 messages per day, you will actually be getting a little more than 4 dates per week, and that’s just plain not bad, after you have done it for a few months, dates, second dates, and flings will increase. I cant tell you how many flings it will take to find “the one” , but if in 6 months you have had even 9 flings, you are well above probably any guy friend you know. Oh yea, when you know that there is definitely no chemistry on the date, start focusing on creating a new female friend – trust me…

(the secret is to send a message that shows that not only did you read her profile, it relates to you, always leave it with an open ended question – and do a lot of rooting “I noticed that you named your cat x, that’s so funny cause when I was growing up we had this dog named y, but we called him that because z, How did you come up with that name?” <- real example, notice the rooting, notice that its about how we relate, even the title of the message was her cats name…)

This is where you start, in 6 months walking up to and speaking to new women will be easy, you will have enough of a social circle that you will meet friends through friends, it will take care of itself and it will be a natural part of your new lifestyle rather than “THE GAME”.

Now I don’t know about you, but I would rather end up spending about 5K and have a brand new wardrobe, have already gone on about 50-80 dates, have already had a few flings, already have an active social life, already have a sh1t ton of female friends, have improved self confidence over my inner and outer self, have a rock stars body, and blast up my career to a new level, while doing it on a self manageable payment plan – rather than put down 5,000 to meet with some self proclaimed guru for 3 days, go to a nasty bar, learn how to “open” and really nothing else, and spend all my money with a bunch of dorky guys who will give up – and hopefully get laid once or twice from it…but that’s just me

Now thats not to say that there aren't guys out there that can help you..there are, but if you came to them after this 6 month experience, you would actually be able to ask the right questions, to get help on "REAL" sticking points, rather than being like every single other guy who is all approach and anxiety and unable to hook the set.

Give this 6 months, if you still aren't at your best, find a GURU, but give this 6 months first.