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    shanghaikan7 Guest

    Post How to selectively turn guys and girls off? Super tricky!

    So here's a tricky one for you all: how do you turn someone off?

    Imagine you're really out-going, you're positive, you dance around a lot in venues, you meet and get to know everyone, they're laughing at your jokes, you're getting a lot of physical attention from girls (and guys - come on, it's 2011). People are drinking, flirting, etc.

    When your game is tight and becomes natural you create this kind of attention without thinking and people naturally gravitate towards you, sexually and often just in a friendly way. It's pretty sweet!

    Not always though. There are lots of people you want to avoid sexual attention from. For example colleagues, your employees (secretaries in particular), cousins, farm animals, worst of all your mates' girlfriends, etc.

    I'm trying to figure out how to discourage attention from certain people without being a jerk about it. For example you're out at a party with colleagues or your mates and you've all had a bit to drink and someone who shouldn't be hitting on you starts being very overtly sexual towards you. Everybody notices it. You're not at fault, you're just having a good time, but you don't want to 'neg' anybody or be explicit about it but you want to discourage a specific person from flirting with you.

    Any tips on how to do that without being negative, insulting or arrogant?

    Much appreciate any/all advice.

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    Default Re: How to selectively turn guys and girls off? Super tricky!

    It sounds like your are willing to draw a line in the sand and commit to it. If it is a professional connection and it gets sexual, demonstrate that it is inappropriate with non-verbal communication (i.e. politely remove hands on your back or upper arms; turn away and address OTHER colleagues; ignore immediately or change the conversation topic). If it persists, take them aside and tell them its inappropriate.

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    Default Re: How to selectively turn guys and girls off? Super tricky!

    I agree with jon, use you body language. Turning away will probabliy do it. But make sure that the person flirting with you "gets it" that you're turning away from them. You need to make her feel, that what she is doing is inapropriate. So if you turn away/politely remove her hand and she's still flirting with you, just be sencire. Say that you think this is inapropriate.

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