Short version of last night:

Group of four girls... one is taking a photo of the other three. I take the camera and tell the fourth girl to get in.

I take a shot. Neg my target (an HB8.5) for looking dorky and get a good response from her. The HB comes towards me as if to collect her camera.

I tell her to give me her best gangster pose so she does. We flirt. There's high-fiving and secret handshakes going on... thumb war would have been fun here too.

The girls are drinking buckets and I help myself to one of her straws and now we're happily drinking out of the same bucket.

I lead into a dhv story I've been working on which goes down a storm. I'll write it up and post it soon.

We then create the storyline that we're putting on a teleport party (details on request) and we're super-vibing on that - everyone else thinks we're completely nuts... which is, of course, exactly what I want.

We're chatting alone for about 10-15 minutes. There's a ton on push/pull going on... all going down very well. I used an awesome line I picked up from Tyler in Foundations to maintain frame control. It worked like a farking dream. Yes.

So we're vibing and her friends call her over, she goes and sits down (it's like ten feet away). I sit down too to continue the sarge, maybe I'll have to talk to her friends for a bit and then re-isolate - no big deal, but it's quickly apparent that her focus is on her friends here.

I sit there choading for about twenty seconds and then eject to go back sarging. My goal at this point is to find a group or two (4+ people in total) and sell them on the idea of the teleport party, then all five of us go and crash the HB's table and overrun it with teleport guests.

I chat to a few people but couldn't find any suitable guests to invite but I did find a pink plastic gun with flashing lights and sounds. Awesome... I found the teleporter.

I bounce back around. Her and her friend are being chatted to by two guys. I sit down beside one of the guys, reach behind him, and pull her towards me by the arm.

I point the gun at her, and tell her I built the teleporter. I move it closer to her face and she leans in. I grab her by the back of the hair and push the gun towards her mouth. She opens her mouth and sucks it... awesome.

I tell her, teasingly, 'You like that.' She replies with a muffled affirmation (she still has the gun in her mouth) and a sexy glance. I pull the trigger and it lights up in her mouth while making the sounds.

The next time I'm in this situation I'll keep control of her head, slowly remove the gun WITHOUT pulling the trigger while pulling her head back slightly, and then move in for the kiss. But I didn't this time...

Quick question: By this point, has this girl displayed enough IoIs that a k-close would normally be a success?


I ejected from the table because the seating dynamics weren't great and I didn't want to sit like a gooseberry on the end of the row. Maybe I could have taken more control here and actually told the guy to shift.

A little later I'm outside talking to her friend, vibing awesomely. The HB comes over:

Friend: Oh my God, I could like talk to this guy forever.
HB: I know! Isn't he great?!

Another big IoI here. I take her by the arm and now we're standing outside talking and kinoing - leaning in, linking arms. She smells someone smoking weed and wants some. I have a joint rolled in my pocket but don't say anything. If I bring it out now we'll be sharing it amongst the group and I want her alone.

We go our own ways and she's now playing pool with three guys who are all choading on her big time. I glance occasionally from a distance and I can see that while she's being very friendly to these guys her body language is super-closed. A guy tried to touch her and she pulled away.

More good news for me... she doesn't just put it out to anyone.

She finishes the game and as she's being lurched on some more I take her hand and turn her to me.

Me: 'If you have a lighter, I have something for you.'

Of course I have a lighter in my pocket but she needs to work for it and she needs to work for me. She finds one quickly and says 'Let's go find somewhere quiet to sit.'

I hold out my arm and she links in hers. We walk down to the beach and sit down. I EV and SoI here. In hindsight I could have put more into A3. I'll work on Bait-Hook-Reel-Release for tonight.

Still, we're holding hands and sitting very close. I'm stroking her thigh (she has a skirt on) and she's giving no resistance here.

I run the cube. It goes down a farking storm... she's like 'That's amazing, you're so right, oh my God, how do you know that? blah blah...'

I've got very good kino here, she's saying all the right things, and then when she's at a peak I run my fingers though her hair... no resistance... I turn her face to mine... no resistance... and then go to kiss her. Denied.

Okay, no problem. I took her 'No' to mean 'Not yet' so I laugh playfully, relax my body language, and kino-dump (you heard the term here first ) her to which she immediately responds 'Hey, I was enjoying the hand-holding!'

I tell her to slow down and stop trying to seduce me. She tells me that all the time she's been travelling in Southeast Asia she's not been into getting with guys, even though she's met some nice ones who she'd date back home.

Apparently since she came away her libido's been shot, so she says. I don't buy this and I could have broken through if I'd have gamed her better.

Bear in mind this is only my third ever sarge.

I wasn't prepared for her response as I would have bet my house on kissing this chick. What would have been a better way to respond?

So after the kino-dump I continue the Cube as if nothing had happened, demonstrated some more DHV, and before the Cube had finished she made a move to go.

We both got up and I took her arm and span her round to me and went to kiss her again. Again, it was no.

Cool, no worries. This girl was cool and it would have been an enjoyable to Day 2 so I asked her what she was up to tomorrow. Something about riding bikes.

I was losing control of the frame so tried to snap it back with a game of pool. She started talking with her friend, I went to the toilet, came back and she was gone.

I don't know if she'd left or if she'd just moved but the venue was now pretty dead and I couldn't see her. I choaded around for about ten minutes and then left myself.


It appeared to be going to well and then... it wasn't. Was I delusional here?!

There were a lot of things I did very well in this sarge but didn't close despite what I took as very clear and strong IoIs.

Typically when a girl is very direct about going to the beach alone with you, holds your hand, digs your conversation and enjoys your hand on her thigh... 99/100 that's a slam-dunk, right?!

Did I just get the 1/100 who just says no, or could I have done some things differently? I reckon that if I'd have run even better game I could have f-closed her for sure.

Even still, given the information I had available to me at the time, I still feel it was right to go for the k-close when I did. It was the highest percentage play.

To what extent would you agree?

Cheers for the feedback.