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Thread: girls who grind

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    Default girls who grind

    Hey guys, not sure where to post this, its more an opinion thread.
    My question is: what do you think of girls that are ok with grinding random men they don't know?

    I certainly have fun with girls like this from time to time, but what do you think it says about a girl who just lets some random rub his wood on her rear? I'm just trying to figure out if I would ever want to date a girl like that. I'd hook up with them sure, and i have many a time, but I don't know if I would want anything to do with a girl like that outside a club.

    I want your thoughts about what you think it says about a girl's self-esteem, how she views herself, how she rationalizes what she's doing. Reason I ask is because all my single girl friends are so completely against letting some random come up to them like that, so I'm curious what goes through a girl's mind who is cool with it. And i'm not talking about girls who take the guy home, because then its obvious what is going on in her mind. Just the type that grinds for a few songs, and likely gives you her number and adds you on facebook. But you're nothing special and she will do this to 2-3 guys per night every time she goes out. These girls also never follow up with any of the guys they meet and the guys just become another random fb friend that they never talk to, so they definitely aren't doing it to find relationships. Finally, these girls usually go out in sets of 2-5 and claim they only go clubbing to dance with their friends and are not looking to get hit on.

    Look forward to hearing your opinions and helping me figure these girls out.
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    Liekus Guest

    Default Re: girls who grind

    There is nothing to figure about these girls. They are just out to have fun and dance.

    "I certainly have fun with girls like this from time to time, but what do you think it says about a girl who just lets some random rub his wood on her rear?"

    Everyone gets enjoyment from dancing. what do you think it says about guy's who randomly rub their wood on girls. some girls would say your a pervert, then again some do like it. What im getting to is when you dance with the girls your doing it because its fun right?

    Also most guys think just because shes dacing with you shes giving you IOI's this is a common mistake. Girl's will dance with just about anyone if there out having a good time or drunk, although you can typically Number Close a girl with dancing because their is high kino involved which makes her comfortable in giving out her number.

    I personally would never add anyone on facebook you just met unless your in college. Facebook was made so college students know where the frat parties are or parties in general. So typically a girl will add you on facebook to see your social status and to increase theirs.

    So what to do with these girls? Leave the club with them or number close as a minimum. Agian never facebook add anyone unless your in school or have a high social status (ie: throwing parties all the time)
    If your really interested this is how i do it.

    1) Open a set girl/girls sitting/standing next to the floor. These girls are usually just as nervous as you and typically want to dance. This is how i got rid of aa actually. Ask her to dance 50% of the time they will say no. if they do say "oh common im just here to have fun" which is honest or just pull her ass to dance floor. It is possible to open a set of girls with this. it gives you instant status in the club when mutiple girls are dancing on/with you.

    2) You also can skip step one totally by just jumping on the dance floor and finding a girl already there and dancing. I typically open the set and get the girls on the floor and let my wings Disarm the friends. Step two is dancing. (I would typically go with the first step because most dance floors are 70%-guys 30%-woman.)

    3) Escalate kino... Now here is where you can really find out if shes interested. As i have stated earlier most girls will dance with anyone there are little IOI you can pick out though. (ie: if your hands are interlocked) although its easier to pick up on IOD in this situation (ie: if you actually get the balls to feel her up and she moves your hands back down, or she keeps your hands on her hips) be very careful here move your hands slow if your not sure, dont go directly groping her.

    4)The bounce... If shes not interested just start dancing with other girls on the floor, but if she is then bounce her. "You look sweaty lets get some air" or "Im going to get a drink" and drag her with you. Dont give them the option.

    5)The close... Alright so here is where you either bounce her again or just take the number, but if you got her outside i would bounce her again you are too invested at that time. if all else fails (ie: "damn i left "blank" in my car, if you behave i might let you walk with me."

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    James Cartwright Guest

    Default Re: girls who grind

    I love a nice grind and have gotten my share of SNLs from them although I certainly don't consider it solid game.

    I still love a grind though.

    Usually I aim to do solid game flirting with women from 10-1ish then let my hair down with some grinds and sleazy makeouts thereafter .
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    Default Re: girls who grind

    @2much in a sense Liekus is right. These are just girls who are having fun, but who are more sexually liberated than your girl friends. You and your friends are just likely more conservative; and there is nothing wrong with that. It's a low-risk, arousing form of expression. Just because girls grind doesn't mean they are sluts.

    I have somewhat of a different viewpoint on IOIs and facebook, however. If they are dancing with you, it's an Indicator Of Interest. The distinction is that just because you're getting an ioi, it does not mean a girl wants to know you or sleep with you.

    Facebook. It's not about people, it's about FRIENDS. Use it to stay connected with people you WANT to stay close to... not people you'll basically ignore. Delete all the rest.

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