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    Default 1 min quick pickup help?

    my situation is that there is this girl working at this food place near campus and when I talk to her it's only a minute tops at the cash register. we saw each other for the first time a week ago when she walked in to interview at the place and we checked each other out, i caught her checking me out and when we made eye contact she smiled. then yesterday (vday) i saw her working the register and when i got up with my order i bought a cash card (so i don't have to pull out money every time i go in and i can budget how much i spend because qdoba is so dank). she said "wow, you must really love your girlfriend" and then for some reason i completely AFC 'd myself and i'm still kicking myself over it and kind of looked away and said "nah." she said "so you're buying this for yourself?" i said "yeah, so i don't have to pull out money every time i come in" and she said in a complementary way "i like how you put it on the card." and she smiled when she was handing me my food.
    next time i go in and see her i want to have something ready to go since it's such a small time i'm able to talk to her, and there's other people in line behind me. do you guys have any strategies of how to pull a quick number pull from her or name to look up on facebook? also, should i come up with something to rebound from my chump move yesterday?

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    Default Re: 1 min quick pickup help?

    There are some things missing from the conversation.

    - she said "wow, you must really love your girlfriend" : ioi. She implied that you had a girlfriend, even though she knows jack shit about you, hoping to find out if you're single or not.

    Ask her something short and interesting to get her number right away, if there's people in line. If not, chat for her for a few minutes.

    It wasn't a AFC move. Neither an Alpha move, but definitely not AFC, so you have nothing to rebound from. If anything, it was casual and you being not interested.

    Here's what to say : "Hey, you seem like an interesting girl to hang out with. Let's switch phones. Here's my phone ( physically give her your phone ) and write your number down. And while you're at it, write your full name so we can add eachother on facebook ( let her add you first ). ( After you exchange numbers, and this part's important ) Oh, wait, you're not that kind of girl who takes forever to answer a message, are you? ( She'll most definitely say no = she's qualifying her in front of you = she'll answer to messages more quickly, if not in an instant ). K, then, nice talking to you" And you're done.

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