I believe this has been talked about before however I keep seeing and hearing of guys who fall victim to this.

I think anyone who?s been doing game a while has been there?you break rapport with a girl and she fires right back at you. Whether it?s a role reversal, a cf line, a neg?whatever. Then we break rapport back to hold our high value frame and it just starts getting worse and worse until she severes rapports and walks away.

The question obviously is, how do we avoid this or fix this?

The way to avoid it is by using one of the most powerful techniques for congruence tests yet one that it seems everyone ignores. The technique is ironically enough?ignoring. Often the best response is not the perfect comeback line, it?s to just ignore it entirely and move on to something else. For example?

Psych: hey now hands off the merchandise (old school I know but whatever)
HB: you WISH I?d keep touching you!
Psych: what I wish for is some pizza?I actually know this really good place here lets go.

Basically you established your high value frame and when she tries testing you you simply ignore her because YOU?RE SO HIGH VALUE IT?S NOT WORTH IT TO PROVE IT. It?s just automatically assumed and the test doesn?t matter to the good PUA.

Now what if we don?t ignore it and get into this downward spiral? The way out is through qualification. If you break rapport with the girl and she does it back?then you do it again and she does it back?.if you break rapport again you?ll lose the girl. Reason is because it snowballs and any more of a break and you?ll sever rapport. What needs to be done is that you save face yet get the interaction to one where attraction and good feelings are involved. Qualification is simply the best answer. All you have to do is qualify her on how confident, firey, adorable, or anything she is. Here?s an example.

Psych: hey hands off the merchandise
HB: you WISH I?d keep touching you!
Psych: Sounds more like you?re wish
HB: believe me hunny, you?re not my type
Psych: hahaha wow you?re really confident! I like that (hugs her)
HB: hahaha damn right I am! (smiles)

If she did break rapport again then you just ignore it after you?ve qualified her and move on to something else. This actually is backed by real psychology and goes under Operant Conditioning. Hopefully now you?ll never have to worry about this again.