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Thread: PUA obsession

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    Exclamation PUA obsession

    The more I look around it seems more and more guys are obsessed with the "art" of PUA's. I mean sure I'm not going to lie I was once a AFC. I read "The Game" by- Neil Strauss and honestly thats all I needed. I realised girls just think like guys. I mean we all just want to have sex. We are all shy, timid, and sometimes shallow.

    Even girls have aa, when I was young I remember going up to guys and telling them my sister liked them because my sister and her friends were to afraid too. Honestly the real key to getting woman is being "yourself". No this does not mean learning all the ways to talk smoothly or remembering a lot of pickup lines. In fact everytime you go out your goal shouldnt be "im going to get laid". You shouldnt even have sex on your mind. You should go out because you enjoy going to the scene or meeting new people.

    I remember when I was a AFC. I wouldnt talk to some girls, not because I had AA but more fear of commitment. The thought of being commited to a girl I probably wouldnt even like. Then it dawned on me. How do I know I dont like the girl, if I dont know what she was like.

    When every girl says "be yourself". They are just saying dont make up some "image" you think girls would be into. Most relationships are found through school or work.This is only because people can get to know the "real" you not some "image".

    What im getting too is dont get so obsessed with the "art" just learn the basics. Approach, hook and close. Once you learn that you will be so comfortable talking to new people the rest will come naturally.

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    Default Re: PUA obsession

    There's a lot of ways you can "be yourself" that are or can be congruent with the image of yourself. There's both an upside and a downside.

    It can mean "don't try so hard", "just have fun", "be indifferent to the outcome", "don't care"

    It really all comes down to the Mindset. If you have a mindset that is congruent with your core beliefs, then pretty much half the work is done. If you are already a cool guy and want to pick up a chick that's out of your league, don't try doing stuff that isn't congruent to your core beliefs. In the end, that's very attractive.

    Downside :
    By being yourself it could also mean "self-loathing, self-defeatist, low confidence AFC, ". That's a BIG NO-NO !!!! And you have to do something about it.


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