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    linkify Guest

    Question Meeting girls at concert?

    Hi all!

    First of all, im not going to get deep into the puascne, since im not really into it, but if some of you are willing to give me few tips regarding the subject in the title of this message, it will be greatly appreciated, since there isnt a free forum for these kind of discussions where i live.

    So, with clubs it is quite clear, look around, find a girl, go and talk with him, ask for a dance.

    Concerts....all the crowd is facing the band and i cant see a great way to to talk to anyone, let alone dance, because there is no actual 1v1 dancing....

    So im going to the one band concert this weekend and if you guys could share few tips it would be really nice.

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    Default Re: Meeting girls at concert?

    Go to the bar or food stand or bathrooms. Meet them there while they wait in line or talk to their friends. In the crowd, try your best mosh-pit dance-floor game (which I can't say I have ANY experience with at this point). I would assume that means just being friendly and looking like you are sharing in the experience, nudging for attention and dancing. That sounds so AFC. The reality is, unless you are an adonis or have some crazy outrageous way to attract attention where sound volumes are high, you won't be striking up conversation very easily and meeting women. Breaks in songs perhaps?

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    Mystik Guest

    Default Re: Meeting girls at concert?

    Meeting women at concerts is potentially very easy to do. But avoid heavy metal concerts or those that attract mainly males.

    I would say more than maybe any other situation it is important to first make eye contact unless it looks rather obvious that she is just there with her girlfriends and does not have a boyfriend. Approach her from the side and say "hello" then go into your routine if you have one. Ask her if she enjoyed the concert and ask her how long she has been a fan and if she has every seen them before. Pretty much the rest will take care of itself. Good luck.

    I met a woman after a concert once and it was a rather strange experience. I wound up hugging her for about two to three minutes after speaking to her for maybe five or six minutes at the most. I could probably have done more but for some reason didn't.

    Also, if you ever happen to see a woman you recognize or have met before(at a concert or wherever)then say something like "I know you, I have seen you before."" Wow, this is definitely fate." Say this while smiling. Then shake her hand, give her a high five or give her a hug(sideways hug is the best unless you know her really well).

    If there is dancing involved and she is dancing then comment how she seems to be dancing the same way she probably would if no one was watching. Also, comment on her energy level whether that be high or low. You can tease her but try not to be too negative.
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