I've decided to force myself to approach women more.

I need to overcome my fear of rejection by seeking out as much rejection as I can, until I'm calloused over.

I haven't really developed a good routine or picked a method that works best for me yet, so I'm not taking it too seriously so far, just trying to improve my ability to socialize a little, and over come my fear of rejection.

To that end, I took a stroll through wal-mart today looking for some women to talk to.

I saw a gorgeous HB8Redhead who worked at the store, and I was thinking about asking for her opinion on which body spray smells the best. Problem was she was in a rush somewhere and I didn't act immediately the moment I saw her. She disappeared and I must have spent 20 minutes roaming the store looking for her

I saw a slightly older (mid-30s) HB7 in the toy department looking for toys. I tried to chat her up:

"Shopping for a three year old is hard. What do you think this thing is supposed to be?"

*points at some nano-robot-bug toy, the question was sincere, I truly had no idea what that thing was*

"Umm... I don't know. Some kind of nano-bug toy for computers. I think."

A few more sentences about toys were spoken, but I forget exactly what else was said but I felt like I pulled off a successful opener. She was polite to me but not forthcoming.

As I stood there trying to thing of a direction to take the conversation she walked away. lol.

Anyway, I was thinking of doing this with the redhead (or some other girl, or a few):

"Hi, I hope this isn't too random, but I was just noticing how very attractive you are. In the unlikely event that you don't have a boyfriend I think I'd like to get to know you. Would you like to get some coffee or something sometime?"

I actually used this line with success (at getting a foot in the door, I couldn't sustain the relationship long but I got a foot in the door goddamnit!) quite some time ago with an HB8 long before I decided to start putting effort into developing a methodology for picking up women.

I'm guessing the line would suffer because it lacks a good neg. Any ideas how I would go about incorporating a good "neg" in there?

I saw a hot chick at work today and thought about negging her, but didn't want to risk losing my job. But if I had, does this sound like a good neg to you guys?

*Points to oddly colored retro looking floral design purse*
"Hey I like your grandma-retro purse."

Finally, and I know I'm sticking alot into one post with this question, but I couldn't figure out which forum would be appropriate to make a post for this question, so I'm tossing it into this one.

I see alot of commonly used words used in these forums to describe things in pickup situations. AFC (me), AMOG, HVD, set, kino, etc.

Does this terminology come from a specific method? I would guess either the Mystery Method or Ross Jeffries'. If so that has to be the first method I study after I finish "The Game" (almost done with it), so I can be on the same page as you guys.

On that note any other recommended reading/watching for a beginner? I've done Pandora's Box and quite a bit of DeAngelo stuff already. I've already obtained most of the relevant media to this subject, just trying to decide what order to take it all in.

What do you guys think of all this? Any comments, questions, criticisms, requests for clarifications, etc., are more than welcome!!