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    Default Need urgent help with this girl who is in my class!

    Well I posted this thread a few days ago: and have failed to approach her and talk to her but she came in late and actually sat next to me and made eye contact a few times, mirrored my movements, and other. To sum the situation in the thread up so nobody has to actually read it I am unhappily married and she's probably about 1-2 years younger than me. Her: sorority chick. Me: just a regular unhappily married playa. Since i'm married, my games a little off lol.

    One day(a few weeks ago) we were watching a movie in class and she kept brushing up against me repeatedly and our legs/arms would stay in contact for about 2 minutes at a time. Since then we haven't had a chance to sit next to eachother or even talk mostly due to both of us consistently coming to class late. Well she came in late today, sat beside me and I blew the talking part. This girl seems really shy around me, I'm the same around her. I just have no idea what to talk about with her lol.

    Now it is going to be spring break and my question is, is it cool to send her an email and tell her that i hope she has a great spring break, etc. and maybe we can open up some dialogue between us, because it's just so tense, or is this just weird? What should i say if not? She would know my email because the professor emails us mass emails and i can see hers as well. And the reason I know her name is because i ended up asking the day we were flirting hardcore...with body language, not verbally lol. She seemed very nervous and giggly when i spoke with her, so naturally that makes me even more nervous for some reason. And I have no idea how to talk to a sorority girl lol.

    So should I wait until we come back for spring break and just approach her and ask how it went? or should i send an email and try to make her more comfortable with me...or will this creep her out? Also does being married add to the creep factor? she has probably noticed my ring because i've made it pretty obvious plenty of times.
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    Default Re: Need urgent help with this girl who is in my class!

    The ring is your savior. It puts you under the radar... at least at first. You'll have to deal with it later.

    DO NOT email her. You have no business doing it. She didn't okay it and give you permission. it WOULD be creepy. Trust me, I totally stalker-creeped girls when I was younger and it just made ME feel worse when it didn't work out.

    Wait until after spring break. Read up on some places she is likely to have gone, so when you ask her about her spring break, you can relate and keep a conversation going.

    You're going to have to figure out a way to get close to her immediately WITHOUT seeming like you were waiting to pounce. Go into class, if she's not there, head back out and be on your phone outside the door or something. Maybe wait until after class starts, so you're both late but you're waiting, interrupt your phone conversation:

    "DON'T GO IN THERE! The teacher is castrating for tardiness!"

    Maybe that gets her to stop, and you can start a conversation (not the spring break one). Tell her you were just kidding, and was finishing up a conversation, and that you should go in together so you don't feel like the lone late idiot.

    These aren't ideal logistics situations, just thoughts. You'll need to think about it. It should be more natural, and give you a better opportunity to transition into a conversation.

    Tease her a bit. Joke about random strangers brushing up against you during movies.


    Just don't be affected by it at all. It would probably be better not to think about it too much. And if by chance you sit by her again, do something about it then. Or FIX your marriage or get separated.

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