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    The Captain Guest

    Exclamation Body Language Alpha Males

    Hello everyone,

    I recently started checking out this site after deciding to check out the PUA community. I was interested in reading about the certain AMOG "deflating" techniques that are used to tackle those pesky situations. However, the true AMOG that is overlooked has free reign.

    I consider myself to be Alpha in most situations. I am prior Marine Corps. I was on the football team, and weightlifting team. I don't make fun of people. I don't physically abuse anyone around me. I have the physical power (despite my small frame) and mental capacity to shut people down. But I do not. I choose to ssit back, enjoy myself, and the people around me..... who may be making fun of people. So, why do these people that are bigger, stronger, or more intimidating than myself choose to listen and do what I say?

    I've been reading some of these threads asking for advice on how to walk AMOG, on how to talk AMOG, how to act AMOG, etc,. I think people are overlooking the one HUGE tool they have at their disposal. The power of pick up, duh. That's right, I said it. Using pick up techniques to not only diffuse AMOG situations, but to have AMOGs thinking YOU are awesome. And nobody has to be a prick about it, either.

    I happen to think that some people have distorted views of what an AMOG really is. For me, the AMOG is the guy controlling the group, of course. Not the loud and obnoxious A-hole (I hate not cussing) that makes fun of people. The guy that is making the plans and telling the big guy in the group to shut up. This is the guy you need to scout out. Because he is reasonable, he is receptive, and he doesn't usually give a "sexual intercourse."

    How do you become this guy? First off, you have to chill out and not give a "NSA hookup!" I read "The Game," and Tyler Durden suggested making the guy feel like an idiot in front of everyone. Sure, that may work for him. It may also work for other, quick-witted guys. But it's a risk. The "perceived" AMOG generally has a sixth sense when he finds your "button," and will not hesitate to push it over and over. Is that a risk you are willing to take? Style said himself, when approaching a set, make the guys feel comfortable before going after your target. You can't make an AMOG comfortable by sniping him.

    How do you make "perceived" AMOGs comfortable? Keep them in control, they like feeling on top. Which is probably why they fox you up when you hit on their women, you drag the attention away from them. In essence, you are seducing a man. However, no Kino.... there is a limit.

    How do you keep a "perceived" AMOG around? This is an easy one. You need to have girls around. And you need to have alcohol around. True AMOGs love a good time. They are going to these places to hookup and fox with people and if you bring the good time to them, they will fox with people that aren't you. And now you can get in the "friend zone" (with women it's bad, AMOGs its awesome). This is where you have access to their women (provided you aren't stealing women from them... that's called backstabbing).

    At some point you should call him a "Badash" and mention going to more clubs or whatever. If you really did bring the women, they will remember, and associate that ballerstatus time.... with you. Soon, you can have a posse... a goonsquad, if you will. Then you are somewhat protected.

    Once you have some friends that are AMOGs, this is where the body language comes into play. They walk too fast, you walk your pace... with confidence. Point out some cool "crap" you saw over there. Be quiet! Let everyone else talk, they are the important people, remember? If they have a question, they will ask. And when the time comes to show your flare, you'll know.

    Take note of subtle changes in how everyone moves. If someones forehead scrunches up and he's got his arm folded, something is wrong, appease him somehow. When people argue, don't take a side.... egg them both on, and make jokes. Just keep them happy, and on your side. Pretty soon, they'll be justifying themselves to you.

    And people.... not once did you have to intimidate some big dude with snappy phrases or put your own health at risk! The women in the AMOG group will notice you are changing the tempo of the set and soon will open up to you regardless.

    I titled this "Body Language Alpha Males" for a reason. Body language plays a huge role in every social situation. It's used by many.....except the "perceived" AMOG. The only "BL" he'll recognize is subconcious. Use it to read the situation quickly and react to who is annoyed.

    Anyways, I hope everyone at least got some interesting ideas from this post. This is how I operate. I have a goonsquad, lol. I go to clubs in packs, and never have AMOG troubles. Because I'm never scared. let me know what y'all think.... maybe I'm full of crap, ya never know until you try, right?

    Sincerely yours,
    The Captain

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    Default Re: Body Language Alpha Males

    Capitain, nice post, but how would you diffuse the AMOG if he percieves you as a threat right off the bat?

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    Default Re: Body Language Alpha Males

    Quote Originally Posted by Tha_beast_Mike View Post
    Capitain, nice post, but how would you diffuse the AMOG if he percieves you as a threat right off the bat?
    I high-five essentially

    Just something that says "Chill bro i'm just having an awesome time at this here bar"

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