I talked to a girl in college. I opened one other set in college which was fairly easy because I used a situational opener. Anyways diferent case... Opened this girl and I kinda made quick convo then I walked away... I guess it left her thinking because she is always looking at me during class.
The reason I need help is I can't seem to get myself to talk to this girl. Now I know most people might say that I have her on a pedestal... Wrong. I am more perplexed at the fact I can't reopen her because I don't know what to say. I'm not having Approach Anxiety nor do I really care about the end result although it is my goal to hook up. But I guess I'm more into the game itself that I just don't understand why I can't reegnage her.
I think the college environment here throws me off. I don't live in United States for the moment. Any college based routines or convo topics or tips? Thx