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Thread: Dancing...putting your self out there

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    Default Dancing...putting your self out there

    Not sure if this is the best forum for this, but the story does involve attracting women.

    First the background:
    I've always hated dancing. I'd rather read a phone book than dance, but I've learned the incredible opportunities it brings for quick sexual escalation with a chick that is already in to you. For that reason I've learned enough dance techniques to not completely suck on the dance floor, but until this time, I'd never gone out dancing without already having a female target.

    I was hanging out in a small, upscale bar with a group of guy friends. The conversation had died down and I was feeling kind of bored and I needed to take a piss. My path to the restroom took me right by the dance floor. There were about eight very hot women out on the floor and one guy. The guy clearly couldn't dance and he was trying to grind on the women, throwing out a creepy vibe.

    As I was using the urinal, I decided "What the fack. I need to give over my embarrassment with dancing." So as I came out of the bathroom I hit the dance floor. I followed Gambler's advice, and started dancing as far away from the women as possible, and pretty much acting oblivious to their existence. I put the biggest smile on my face I could realistically muster, and just started going at it. Soon I got over most of my embarrassment, but I was still bored. I kept dancing, and making sure that I switched up my moves, and moved around the floor, but I made sure that I still didn't really engage the women.

    All of the sudden, tons of women were clustered around me, and some deliberately started to engage me. I danced with them for a couple seconds, gave them a wink and a quick smile, and moved on. After a while, they cleared the dance floor (apparently most of them were there at a birthday party together, so they kinda exited en masse). I danced a bit longer (there were about three of us left), then went and chatted with my friends for awhile. At this point I was getting bolder.

    The conversation started to wane at the table again, and I decided that this time I was going to show some true alpha maleness (or total gayness) by hitting the dance floor when it was completely empty. I barely could force myself on the floor but I made it. I instantly started acting like I was having a ball, and just went with the music. Although I pretended to not really pay attention to anyone around the edge, I saw three or four of the ladies that had been there before, point my direction and talk amongst themselves. Suddenly they all came out and started dancing with me.

    At this point I was a little bolder in my engagements with them. Then I saw a cute blonde who had been one of the first to single me out to dance with, sitting by herself near the dance floor. I danced over to her side of the floor, and when she looked at me, I smiled and wave her my way. She started blushing and laughing, but shook her head, so I turned back to the floor and kept dancing.

    After a bit, I got tired and went back to my friends. Since I was spending the night on a friend's couch, I really didn't have the opportunity to take any of the women home, and I had to get up early the next day for a long drive. After about half an hour the birthday party group started to take off (I noticed that the cute blonde I'd been flirting with earlier, was cozying up to one of the bouncers. Looked like she must have been his girlfriend or good thing I didn't press that one!)

    As the birthday group passed me, one of the women (about an HB7) tapped me on the shoulder. She looked incredibly nervous, so I smiled and said, "Hey there!" She said, "I just wanted to tell you that you were amazing out there (total lie!), and I have never seen someone enjoy themselves so much on the dance floor. Never stop doing that!" It came out in a big blurted rush because she was nervous. I talked to her for a couple minutes more, got her name and number and told her I'd call her next time I was in town.

    The point of all this, was that I mostly conquered one of my biggest fears. Not only that, but it was an amazing success. I still hate dancing, but I had women opening me on the dance floor. Also, for the first time in my life, I had an actually attractive woman, who I didn't know on any level and who I hadn't already primed (other than dancing somewhere near her briefly), open me. Sure she was only an HB7, but usually I have to work hard to hook women. Needless to say, this experience gave me a serious confidence boost. Also, I have always been nervous about performing PUA stuff around friends because of the added pressure of failing miserably in front of them. Needless to say, I was pretty darn happy about number closing a girl right in front of them in what must have appeared to be an effortless manner. Especially since one of my friends is an amazing, natural PUA who was at the table when it happened.

    So hopefully this story will inspire others to get out there and do it, even when you can't hardly stomach it.
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