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    Default Read This To Get Better At Approaching. Period.

    What's so hard about walking up to a woman and saying "Hi"? Or "Hey". Or "Hi. Let's go bang in my truck." Well that last one might get you slapped or laughed at. Approaching women is not hard at all. Even for the people who think its hard, it's not.

    However, it's when your on the field and you want to greet this chick that your brain starts to flood you with false realizations like:

    -What the hell do I say to this girl?
    -Yea I can EASILY tell this chick what's good.....but what next??
    -She's probably not be interested in me anyway....

    Do you tell yourself BS like that in order not to approach? I know I did. In fact, sometimes I would approach anyway and then immediately stumble on what to say next. Awesome times....

    So, the title says read this and you'll get better at approaching. So that's what you will happen to you. While writing this right now, my mind just reminded me of The Attraction Code by Vin Dicarlo and his words ring so true. It ALL starts with intention. That is the fuel for ANYTHING you do in life.

    The reason why you walk up to a woman and not know what else to say, or not even walk up in the first place, is because you have no intention. You are literally just placing yourself there to wither and die.

    Now replace that simple and easy to fix reason with a reason to talk to her, and my friend, you have a whole different scenario. When I applied this, it made the difference between night and day. Now instead of thinking, oh there's a hot woman, lemme go talk to her so that I can get her to like me (such a vague reason which is why your subconscious is like WTF does THAT MEAN???), I look at a woman, size her up (the same way she does you) and think to myself hmmmmmm ok, lemme get to genuinely know this chick. Key work being "genuinely". Forget the obvious reason that if your not genuine she will sniff it out before you even approach but becasue if you have that simple intention, you make it so much easier on yourself.

    Instead of worrying what to say, your subconscious will now be like, ok now lemme guide this dude on what to ask depending on what he wants to know about her. You won't have to play some stupid game and use routines because you are fueled by a legitimate reason to want to talk to her. That alone puts you ahead of so many dudes. You won't even have to think about what to say. It will flow naturally. Assuming that you genuinely want to get to know her and not just try and get her to like you. When you are getting to know someone, you are not trying to seek their approval. They are seeking your approval by telling you about them. To some degree, everyone you meet tries to impress you by what they tell you whether they care what you think or not. So that in itself is compliance.

    So here are some useful exercises. Stop trying to have sex with women you just met (unless your only goal is to same day lay her then that will be your intention). Stop thinking so far ahead into the future. Just ask yourself, is this a woman that I might want to get to know? And go from there. She will be pleased that someone is actually trying to get to know her and not trying to get in her pants.
    Do this and approach 5 women a day until you feel comfortable noticing anything about a woman that interests you genuinely and start up conversation with her.
    I'm not telling you anything new. I'm just saying it again and hopefully more clearly so you all don't have to continue this vicious cycle you go through. Let's get out this loop shall we??

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    Default Re: Read This To Get Better At Approaching. Period.

    good outlook on approach dude..props

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