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    BigRed Guest

    Default I would love some advice.

    Alright, so i am new to all of this and have been otherwise "out of the game" for some time. i am currently trying to get back into the swing of things, and i need some advice. I am trying to text this girl. She texts back extremely quickly and alwaays with smiley faces, and exclamation points, but she never really says much. I feel like i have tried anything, but i really cant get anything but a two or three word response. Any tips on how to change this. Is this a problem?

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    emanname Guest

    Default Re: I would love some advice.

    Well I for one smiley faces and exclamation points might be the way she texts; and might not mean nothing. And it gets old really fast... I know. Ask simple things something you did one day and tell her "Funniest thing just happened or Guess what?!" Even if you have to LIE "Its not lying its flirting" - The Game. Just make some stuff up. Haha

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    emanname Guest

    Default Re: I would love some advice.

    Don't worry so much; some girls just don't text much. They might like a call or like to interact in real life (date). Getting back in the loop; lets say you have to RISK things to make something happen.

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    Default Re: I would love some advice.

    Whats your goal?

    Define you objective to yourself! It should be to score a date, not to txt each other until she’s bored and it’s too late to get one.

    Short txting on her part can mean many things, but never anything good.

    1-She doesn’t like txting (get off your ass and call her)

    2-Shes being polite by txting you back the bare minimum it takes to count as a txt, and wants you to leave her alone.

    3-Shes more of pua than you, but not likely (PUA know not 2 look needy while txting so they keep the size of their txt shorter than their targets. They usual wait twice the time it take 4 a chick to respond via txt, before they txt her back. Now listen, if you txt messages are about teasing, roleplaying, ect. You can sometimes compromise.)

    4-She has lots of other guys txting her, who have better txting game than you.

    Either way brother theres plenty of fish, don’t get upset over this one and count it as a learning experience. Still try to score a date with her.

    You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take
    -Dr Someone more badass than me

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    Blue Guest

    Default Re: I would love some advice.

    Tell her you love that she's so succinct. One time I was texting this girl and she sent me a couple 2 or 3 word responses, so I said

    "You know, I really love all these two word replies!" (paraphrased), too which she responded
    "You're sexy", so i said
    "So are you"

    I ended up going over to her place (this was all at about 2 in the morning). The point is, there's no need for fancy lines or clever writing, just be straight up...

    P.S I've never heard a man COMPLAIN that girls don't send him essay-long messages before :P

    P.P.S the quotation in the post above was Wayne Gretzky, and I will add another pertinent quotation relating to my argument:

    Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler
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    Default Re: I would love some advice.

    Hi BigRed,
    As she replied you quickly and add smiles also means she likes you. Did you guys met? Take a step ahead and ask her do she have same emotions for you?

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