Hey Guys ,
I'm in a bit of a sticky situation . So there is this one girl in college ( my junior)that I really like . I've known her for about a year and she's been saying let's hang out for a few months and I recently agreed and we decided to go for coffee. It was nice , the convo was flowing really well . Ok so during coffee we talked about some novel and she said was really good . I said I did'nt like the first part and she was like you should read the next part it's really good . So I said ok give me the book and she agreed . So I agreed to take the book from here in college , after classes were done for the day . Ok so here's the weird part . She did'nt show up after classes got over , I waited for about 30 mins and got pissed off and left . She messaged me about 15 mins after that saying I'm sorry I forgot to get the book . I did'nt reply . A few hours after that , she again sent a msg saying she was very very sorry . I again did'nt reply. A few days after that I ran into her in college , I wanted to ignore her , but she was right infront of my face and said Hi . She said you could have told me you're coming to college today , i Could have got the book and she asked me if I did'nt reply because I was mad ? I was pissed off at her , but replied very casually saying i was busy . So what do you guys think ? Pursue this further or leave it ?