Top Ten things that always works for me, when I'm around women.

1. Always show disinterest.
2. Never put your hands in your pockets.
3. Never talk about sex with her, unless you're already having it, or if you talk about sex, don't show any emotions in doing so.
4. I never smile, i just use my eyebrows to convey my emotions
5. Never be afraid to take up her space, so if she's sitting down, it's ok to sit on top of her, until she tells you to get off, and then even when she does, keep sitting.
6. Never talk about the weather
7. Hold hands sparingly
8. Keep yourself occupied while around her, because you're the king of your domain and so as the king you can text your boys whenever you want, when you're around her
9. Look at other females, and when she asks you why you're doing so, tell her it's because your spidey senses were tingling and you thought you sensed danger somewhere.
10. Don't be afraid to smack a hoe What the fuck is up?