Here is a review of my amazing 3 day advanced live in field bootcamp with Shizzle of Maaximum Seduction in Sydney, Australia.

This is a boot camp that runs over three days, where you are taken under the wing of Shizzle, who will over the three days show you a '7-point model of seduction'.

This 7-point model focuses on the idea of being genuine, non-sleazy and essentially yourself. This doesn't only help with helping how you come across in the eyes of women, this program will.

The first night (Friday night) focuses on confidence building and opening to women, essentially growing that confidence.

The next evening involves introducing the last few steps in the 7-point model of seduction, which involves another 30 odd approaches (crazy hey?)

With the night game sorted, you hit the shops on Sunday for a day out in the heart of Sydney, where you learn how to talk to women when they're busy, when they're sitting down and when they're out and about, as well as how to get the most out of the art of 'peacocking'.

You will then (if you're me) fly home with a completely different understanding and a new exciting life. You'll also realise that all social anxiety is virtually non-existent!

(the second bit: my experience)

I had been exploring dating coaches for quite a while, I finally discovered McMaax, the legendary PUA and Founder of Maaximum Seduction about two years ago when I was going through Youtube. I flew from Perth to Sydney for this, so I expected my moneys worth....

I had read up on the 7 point model above, although applying the model would be VERY DIFFERENT, and I wasn't the most social person in the world...

I remember meeting Shizzle outside an ice cream shop. We went and sat down at a restaurant, and ran me through the foundations of how the program works. About an hour later as the sun was setting, we were out on the boardwalk of Darling Harbour and I had already approached about 10 groups of beautiful women! At least 9 of those groups gave us positive responses. Another 20 later, having some girls run up and hug us, as well as a photo taken, I was on top of the world. We ended up getting the numbers of two British tourists who were interested in catching up the next night… I went home with a huge grin on my face on what I was able to achieve...

The next day we hit the clubs of Kings Cross, and despite the lack of girls around, another 20 openings were made. We practiced personalizing the openers, and making ones to suit us. Unfortunately though not the best night out. Still had fun though.

The final day was much more relaxing. It combines the art of 'peacocking' and applying a day game in talking to women. About 10 approaches later and getting the facebook of one of the girls I was buying clothes off, it was time to warp things up. He closed and gave me some really good advice on just generally becoming a better happier person, which I have taken on board.

The next weekend was my 21st. Things are amazing. While my friends stay in a relatively closed group, I made 10 approaches on a night out about two weeks ago! Things are absolutely fantastic! It's even better because Shizzle keeps in touch with you and continues to help you out so much! Overall, I paid $1200 for the boot camp plus about another $1200 for flights and accommodation, I look back, and... it was worth it!

I highly recommend PUA Training with Maaximum Seduction amidst most other PUA training outfits I have tried and tested. They are by far the best!

If you want to contact me then privately message me for my e-mail and I will be glad to divulge that info to you so that you know that I am a real post workshop client of this outfits'

Perth, AU