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    Ricky Guest

    Angry No Condom. OMG!!!

    OK, so I am posting this using my brothers account so I wanted to get that out of the way first!

    I recently got out of a relationship of 1.5 years so I am extremely rusty! I cold approached a liquor salesperson at the local wine bar, number closed, corresponded a little and then we agreed to meet up back at the wine bar where we had a few drinks, bounced to a local club, danced, k closed, groped, blah blah. We're really drunk at this point!

    Cabbed it back to her house, got in, kissed more, got naked, she didn't have a condom, so no sex. I was so drunk that I then puked in her toilet and fell in her bed and went to sleep. Woke up, we took a cab to get the cars and I told her to call me if she ever wanted to see me again. She texted me a few hours later and apologized for her house being unpresentable and told me I was a good kisser. I told her thank you and I couldn't wait to kiss her again she responded that UR CUTE!

    So, my question is this: I obviously want to bone her and I need a plan of attack for the next week or so.

    Other things on my mind: I am 27 and she is probably 37 w a 15yr old kid! Is she thinking I am too young for her.

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    RocketMan Guest


    Next time be prepared... Always carry some rubbers.

    I don't think age wlll necessarily be an issue... I have a friend that manages to close 'cougars/older women' consistently and from what i can see most older women are insanely bored and love younger guys. Many like having a younger FB or 'toy boy' but a lot will just want a one night thing as well.

    She is probably more just looking out for her son... especially cos he's old enough to know whats going on...

    Her saying, 'this is not something i normally do' is just her Anti-Slut Defense, she doest wanna feel to easy.


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