OK GUYS listen up. spring break is coming and on monday/tuesday i want to go sarging and try some flirting lines out. genuine lines that is. after one hour of google, i have found one flirting line with a brief detail description of when and how to use it. i want everyone here to share their ideas, the more brains we bring together, the more information we will have.

Show your interest. The best way to get out of the "friend trap" is to avoid it from the start. After finding common interests, make your intentions clear. "You know, I just realized it. Not only are you pretty, but you're fun to talk to."

lets avoid posting products up, lets keep this on the free side. when sharing a flirting line, please refer back to the example above in blue color font. make it easy for others to understand it and explain the time and when to use it.

thanks in advance