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Thread: Buenas noches!

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    Vice-a-Roni Guest

    Default Buenas noches!

    Good evening. My name is quite secret, but I like to go under Vice-a-Roni, or Roni (like macaroni). Despite my name, I'm really quite a straight-laced guy. No drinking, smoking, etc. for me. Though, lately I have become quite intrigued with the art of pick-up, and would say I'm off to a good start. I've managed several number closes, though I'm never quite in a position to use Keno to my advantage.
    Anyway, I'm new to this, and am hitting a few snags. So, here I am to improve my game, though I'm not in this for sex- it's all about knowing I CAN do this; I'm a free spirit, but I do have my religion, which is quite important to my life, actually.

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    RokStarz Guest


    Welcome Vice! It is always good to have fresh perspective here. Even us seasoned PUA's can learn a thing from others.

    Talk soon!


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    ionos Guest


    Hey Roni,

    I too like you am religious, and I share your outlook. It's good to meet people like you on here, and the others. I'm just getting started, I hope I can learn from the best. I need all the support I can get.


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