So, I am a virgin. (if getting BJs doesn't void that)

I heard from multiple guys from my college, who are a few years older than me, that have slept with many women, and are saying they literally had women (not fighting, but close) pretty much bribing him to sleep with them, when they were virgins (they were 18). And these were pretty solid women as well, I mean, HB-8 and higher girls, the others didnt have a chance lol.

What do you guys think of this?

Are my friends just trying to get me to lose these girls I am making progress with and get stuck as LJBF, or are they honestly trying to get me laid by a smoking hot chick, which may be considerably easy considering I am nearly at getting the lay with an HB-9 anyway.

Those guys have real girlfriends now, but yeah they were speaking in terms of girls aged 18 upwards to about 25 that were begging for their V-cards. Maybe college IS more than I am realizing it is, maybe not...

Any opinion is greatly appreciated, but I would LOVE to hear from someone thats actually experienced this!