Occasionally I meet a girl that is cool and I just want to hang out with for the sake of meeting other girls (a neighbor, coworker, usually); or a mutual friend. It's almost guaranteed that where your going with this girl, or girls, is going to have other attractive women for your game. I def took point in the reality in reading the game, and from experience, that having girlfriends surely hits those preselect switches in the other girls around. My problem is that sometimes I get magneted into the Pivot girl, and even start to feel like an orbiter sometimes, while the targets are around. My inner game is telling me to take advantage and approach the targets, but at the same time my 'inner nice guy' is holding me back- with thoughts like I don't wanna be an a-hole hittin on girls everytime she turns around, or it's somehow offensive. Also most girls if they know what your up to either try too much to 'play Cupid', or they just don't know how to be cool about it, so it's easier to kinda keep that to yourself and make the best of it. Any tips on how to utilize these situations, and kinda cross the bridge onto other girls, while keeping things on the norm?