day game is interesting, especially when work is why your actually there - So I recently started a new job in a pretty big office building, with multiple companies and stuff. I def noticed right away there was some hotties in the nearby conjoined offices below and above mine.

I usually see them on the small breaks i get when I'll walk around, go outside to smoke and hit the cafe or whatever. There's this one hottie i noticed a couple times, and the closest i've come to approaching her was when we were outside smoking, me and my trainer, which distracted me. (he should really leave me alone on our breaks hah).

I'm not that worried bout approaching her by just bumping in at some point- i figure we got somethin in common- same workplace that's an easy start; but I'm not sure how to close her. I don't want to drag it out by seein these office hotties every so often (and the particular hottie who's asian) and not doing much about it- but I don't wanna close too fast either and risk akwardness down the road, if for some reason i burn out!

There's also one i kinda met the other day who actually works for my comp. in the above office, but im gonna see how that pans out first.

Keep in mind this place is pretty corporate too, so there's a bit of that Tension in the air i think. To wrap it up, any ideas on how to pickup one of these office hotties without puttin myself in a trap? or should i even care? hope ya catch my drift guys.