If youíre not having fun talking to girls -- STOP. It should be enjoyable for you and the girls. When I first started it was a bit stressful getting use to talking to strangers, but YOU MUST HAVE FUN. Stop worrying if it goes perfect or not. The more fun you have the more fun they will have and the more they will like you. Think about it like a video game. Its fun to play, the more you do it the better you get, and if does not go right, you can try it again. There are billions of girls in this world, so if doesnít go right with one set, there are always another set just around the corner.
Figure out what style of game you have the most fun doing and perfect it. Donít try to be someone youíre not. Find your best self and perfect it.
If there are other things in your life you have control over that are stressing you out, take care of them first, and then go back to gaming. I only game when I am in a good mood.