what do you do when you go out with a girl, and this happens? I was intending it to be just a hookup (i already told her i'm not really looking for a relationship right now) but we hung out and i accidentally got too comfortable i guess and i started being really open. I need to be more careful. she was a good listener. but i tried to snap out of it afterwards but trying to be more cool and detached. we hung out more and i started the Kino and she let me. but she kept asking me questions about myself, i tried to be more elusive. but i realized i made a huge mistake

but when we went back to hookup she wouldnt sleep with me. we did other stuff, but she just would not have sex. and i reminded her i don't want a relationship).

So i think i can probably get her to sleep with me, but the question is how do i fix the damage i created? she keeps asking me more deep questions now because i was too open with her. I am trying to push her away

my goal is to sleep girls and I do NOT want a relationship.