There's a trip to Europe for one of my classes that I am taking (high school, can you believe it?). I was eyeing out one of the girls on the trip, and decided that she would be my target for the trip. There is a couple problems that arise however. I am not concerned with picking up the girl, that part will come naturally. What I am worrying about is the number of..."jocks" (I prefer the term "meathead") that are also going on the trip. The Mindset that they were better than me, and superior to me in every way used to be how I constantly used to think. I have replaced that mindset now, but not completely, so I still feel they are superior to me in a small way. Being that my target is a HB8, she will probably get hit on, a lot, and getting close to her may be a problem (she may fall for one of the "meatheads"). What I was wondering was if there was a way to deal with the "meatheads" in such a way that she laughs at their attempts to "pick her up" or make them seem almost insignificant to her. I would use some AMOG tactics, but I found them to be rather unorthodox in a high school social interaction, and also I am also going to be spending 17 days with these people, I plan on making the least amount of enemies as possible. Any ideas?