Hi Dudes

This post is simply to get some ideas for getting one HB8 that I currently am persisting.

So where is the background:
She date with me for 3 months (she also had lived with me for some weeks) 4 years ago, and the relationship wasn’t the best since I suck that time with girls.

So she is a HB8 (by the way I don’t recall giving a 9 to a girl, so she is pretty awesome) blond nymphomaniac, photographic model and gold digger type.

So I found her in the Facebook, and after 2 messages she reply to me. With exchange some messages I was quite impress with her with so long messages and recalling some facts from that time that we used to be together…. So I did escalated and told her that I am new person and just want to have fun, and I did sent her one dinner invitation and my phone number.
She replied to me that she accepted the invitation and I could count with her to do crazy fun stuff. Same night I received a call from a girl that apparently had dome some dial mistake and try to know my name… The fact is that the number that I had giving to her is almost death since I don’t share with anyone… So it must be some friend of my target.
After that she stop giving notice… I know that this girl will break under persistence but I had just sent a couple emails of sharing travel ideas, posting photos of common things on messages that I had sent, told her that I had some ideas for a business with her, and even just told her to be honest and say if something wrong… By the way that time she did changed the facebook photo profile to a guy photo with her (I don’t care)

Do you have some suggestions please post.