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    RocketMan Guest

    Default Jealous Girlfriend Opener

    The jealouos girl opener is the first opener i ever learned and still my favorit. I learned the opener strait from The Game (when Papa did it on Paris Hilton) and what you used isn't what's in the book. The biggest difference is in the version I use me friend is the girl. here's what I use. I'll put in the most common girl answers I get:

    Me: Hey, I need a female opinion on something.
    Her: okay?
    Me: Would you date a guy who was still friends with his ex-gf?
    Her: Probably. Depends.
    Me: Hmm. Actually, this is a two part question.
    Her: (Gives look)
    Me: Imagine you were dating a guy who was still friends with his ex-gf. And you were going to move in with him but he had a drawer with pictures of his ex-gf -- not nudie pictures or anything, just regular pictures and some letters. Would that be okay?
    Her: Probably not. (Answer can be different.)
    Me: Why?
    Her: (whatever)
    Me: (Give shocking answer reminding her your friend is the girl) ex: My friend, she burned them.
    Her: (Gives opinon)
    Me: go into next routine...

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    RocketMan Guest


    Oh ya - It is also important to to have a reason for asking and a reason for asking exactly her. Opinion openers are supposed to be spontaneous.


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