As a purist, peacocking for me is very difficult. I don't do piercings, I don't do tattoos, and I usually refrain from really cheesy clothing. I have been trying for the longest time to get over my reluctance, but I have never succeeded. I have however tried out a few things that do set me apart in a crowd that don't involve self-mutilation or self-humiliation:

1: Wear well-groomed facial hair that was in style during another era. I wear a chinstrap and it works great for my chinstrap opener, as an Anchor, and a great way to get an IOI.

2: Wear your hair in an unorthodox style. Crew cuts and shag are all too common. Although my hair could be classified as shag right now, I'm growing it so that it can become corn-rows.

3: My only rule of hats comes from the internet video rejected, and that is Silly Hats Only. I have a plethora of hats in my room ranging from fedoras to berets. No baseball caps here.

4: Wear VERY bright shoes or boots. Holy sh1t they work wonders and make pivots into DHVing.

5: I have a quill from a trip, and I wear it because not only does it look suave, but it stirs curiosity and allows for the girls to open me up instead of vice-versa.

I mentioned earlier my chinstrap opener and the quill opener, here is how I execute them:

Chinstrap: Hey I have to ask you something. I'm with my friend who I have to get back to in a jiffy, but earlier today, we went to this place and this bulky guy comes up to me and says "Hey did you know that chinstraps are very girly" and I said "It's good to know all the girls you hang out with have chinstraps" and he left dumbstruck, but how do you feel about facial hair and its effect on masculinity?

Then she or the group will get a laugh and go on about how its not girly and you can neg the target point out how cute her peach fuzz is and how it's like facial hair and from this point you've usually hooked the set, and then you go on to dhv, isolate and close.

Quill: Feer: I have to ask you, my friend is here and I have to get back to him really soon, but he and I are in an argument on fashion. Are you a fashionable person?


Feer: You strike me like a fashionable person because you're wearing AB and C which the cutest girl I know would never wear. I like the style. So I have to ask you about this (pulls out quill)

Girl: What's that?

Feer: It's a quill (then I tell her the story of my trip)

Girl: That's cool and I've never seen anybody wear that. That's really interesting...

Then from there you can go on and hopefully close.