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Thread: School Crush

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    Cool School Crush

    Hey Guys

    I just thought I'd share an N-close wit you guys and see what your thoughts are

    This was actually with a girl i went to school with. I didn't know her very well; she'd a year older than me and we only saw each other in 6th form (or as Seniors). She had a serious bf at the time and prob was a HB7. She's mixed race, and has an amazing smile and essentially a sweet girl.

    Anyway, she now works at my gym and i've seen her a few times, and she's smiled at me whenever i pass, which admittedly she does to all the guys (i'm pretty sure its what all the girls on the staff do lol) Having seen her a few times, and eager to try out a new techinique....i was leaving the gym the other day, and she was alone on the desk, so i approached her.

    Me; (smile) hi, you look an awful lot like someone i went to school with
    Girl; (smiles) yeah, i was in the year above....i thought i recognised you...
    Me; Oh really? Sorry, i must be mistaken then, the person i'm thinking of was a big fat guy in the year below
    Girl; (nervous laugh) oh....
    Me; he was a cool guy though...he looked sooooo tough, but he was the sweetest guy ever! You'd see him coming and feel scared, but then he'd look at you and smile and you couldn't help but smile back, for no reason...what was weird was that afterwards i realised that his eyes were always just didnt notice it untill he actually smiled...but it was always there in his eyes....thats why you remind me of're exactly the same...
    Girl; (beaming at me by this point; and blushing)
    Me; so yeah, you remind me of a big fat guy in the year below
    Girl; (still smiling and now playing with her hair) Thanks!!
    Me; no problem!
    Girl; good workout?
    Me; (smile) is that a question or a remark?
    Girl; (smiles again) remark, def a remark
    Me; i had to make sure i worked hard today, coz i'm gonna ruin it tonight by goin out
    Girl; where you going?

    (my gym is actually based in a leisure park with a cinema, bowling alley, and like 5 different restaurants all in the vacinity)

    Me; (pointing just outside to the bar/restaurant) over there
    Girl; cool
    Me; you should come with

    (at this point, she looked at me and smiled. i smiled back and stood there patiently, waiting for her answer. I'm pretty sure she expected me to go in for the kill and push for her to say yes, but i simply smiled and waited for her. i'd given her the chance and there would be no pushing for be honest, i am not arrogant, and didnt approach her thinking, she'll def say yes!! i just knew that we connected and had had fun, so i thought the best thing to do was let her see that it was a simple request....i could have hit her wit a mentalism trick just to seal the deal, but in that instant i chose to save that for the date.....if she said yes lol)

    Girl; yeah okay, i finish at 8 tonight
    Me; (i took out my phone and held it out for her) okay, cool. give me your number and take mine and we can set it up tonight

    we excahnged numbers and i walked out, without turning back!! The dates tonight, with a couple of my friends, so at some point i'll pull her aside and get some Kino going

    let me know what you guys think though!! Be great for some input!!

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    Default Re: School Crush

    i wouldve brought up the N-close differently, so it seems less as a proposition or a request. but hell, it worked and thats all that matters.

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