Hi guys, my first official question about PU. I have read and watched a lot of material...I have a question about the routines... Do you ever get busted running game? Like if you ask a girl if she was in the fight or saw the fight, etc...and her having heard it before (maybe several times), instantly knowing that you are gaming her. second is Kino...palm reading, thumb war, etc. seems like if she's hot and been gamed....it could be played out... Or...are there so few of 'us' (hehe) that 90% of the time, it will be new and it's worth the risk of getting one girl in a blue moon who has seen it all?? i know that it's a risk with canned material, and if i get called out, i guess i can just brush it off and say, i'm not surprised because she is smoking hot...blah..blah..an d switch to a more direct approach. i know these routines can work...i want to trust what works because they dial into what women respond to.