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Thread: Insta-date!!!!

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    Cool Insta-date!!!!

    Hey guys

    had to share this with you guys!!!

    I was out wit a Point Man (little back story, i hate the term "wingman" so i normally have "Point Men" who essentially serve the same purpose but i digress....)

    Anywayz, me and my Point Man are both single and we just went out wit the sole purpose of f-closing, and as soon we got to the bar we saw a set of 4 HB 9's......literally every guy in the place was ogling them but nowhere near them (i love this should just change its name to AFC-Central)

    we went strait for them and asked if they were strippers; the "mother hen" strait away said "You're a jerk!" and turned between us and our targets.

    I calmly turned her round and said "you judge people that quickly? how long you been single?" My point man took the distraction and manouvered round to his target and began his own game....

    The "Mother Hen", after my last comment turned back to me, but before she responded i hit her with "Strippers are people too, you know?" after this she warmed up and began Kino with me, playfully push-pulling me. I worked on her for a while, knowing my target was right next to me and now was ignored by 2 I was closer, she tagged into my PUMA tricks.....i did a trick and when my target tried to get my attention by saying "do another trick!!" i took my chance

    I turned to her and said "well i just showed my talents to your friends, which i let you see for free, now you have to show me something..." her face lit up and she started giggling. I took her hand and said "stage fright?" she laughed and nodded, so i went with the following;

    Me; Lets go on a date
    Girl; okay
    Me; Right now
    Girl; what?
    Me; right now....over there (i pointed to the bar a few feet from us, but away from the group)
    Girl; (laughs and nods)
    Me; i'm gonna warn you i'll be a little late....
    (i then stepped aside and motioned for her to lead and wait for me there....she laughed again and i pulled her in, teased a kiss and sent her off)

    Now this was all on the spot and i hadn't planned any of it.... the key was goin for the date (which she expected) but making it immediate and showing her when and how to get there (which she didn't). by making her go first, and joking i'd be late it reinforced the idea in her mind that this was a choice she had made (in reality, this was more of a magician's choice) so it reinforces the attraction for her coz now she waits for me, rather than me leading her.....very subtle but gold!!!!!

    le tme know what you guys think!!!

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    Default Re: Insta-date!!!!

    that was great

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