Hey all, could use some good advice after attempting to open up some 2 sets at the beach these past couple of days.

Before i knew about the Game, the Beach was always a place i was more successful than usual at picking up girls. I am athletic, a surfer half hawaiian and a nice toned tanned body and am always one of the people in best shape at the beach on any given day. So my value is high at the beach which would lead me to using it as one of my 'go to' places to meet chicks. Now that i have pua knowledge, skills and routines at hand i figured my chance at picking up women at the beach would be even better with the knowledge of social dynamics. This is the 1st summer of me trying to use Game at the beach and my first 2 days provided some obstacles that i need help with tightening up.

The first thing i've noticed is cell phones are becoming the biggest cockblockers for any day game period. I usually target lone wolf/1-sets at the beach because quite frankly i've found a woman alone at the beach actually appreciates someone coming over and starting a friendly conversation with her. Also a lone wolf set (especially on the beach where people pretty much just mind themselves) leaves you cockblock free.

However recently i've found that women alone on the beach are now burying their faces in their goddam phones the whole time at the beach. Or using there cell phones as walkmans. Perhaps its another post altogether about how annoying it is that everyone is so addicted to their cell phones (adult pacifiers) these days so i wont rant about that, however in the past i would hit on a 1 set at the beach if i noticed the target was checking out other guys frequently or i would walk past her and if she'd look up to smile or check me out i'd know she was ready to be seduced. This has changed however. Nowadays i cant even get a fucking signal from a chick because now every girl alone on the beach is so immersed in her freaking cell phone that she doesnt even look up from it.

My question is, is how do you Day Gamers handle this because this is not just a beach issue thing. I see 1 sets everywhere not even looking like they are in the real world anymore as they text and web surf away in their own world. This was fucking with my head a little bit and i Flighted (fight or flight) from about three seperate 1 sets i was planning on opening but didnt say anything because they were so immersed in their cell phoning that it felt too unnatural to even be bothering them (i know typical AFC thinking but i admit this did throw me) i would love advice from people that handle this issue. I created an opener for it but i feel it's weak. I go over with MY cell phone and say:

"hey are you actually getting service out here???? i dont know why but for some reason im getting horrible reception here at the beach. Are you in some sort of a cell phone 'sweet spot' or something or do you have an internal anntenae in you??! Hey before i go let me ask your opinion on something...."
^^^^^ i havent tried this out yet as i created it just yesterday but would love someones opinion on it or if there is a better one i am open to suggestions.

The 2nd problem i've had is opening up 2 sets at the beach. I opened a total of three 2-sets at the beach these past 2 days and ran into the same problem everytime and here it is:
When i start to really work on the target the 2nd girl in the set almost starts to COMPLETELY shut down and im thinking she does this to make it known to her friend (the target) that she is being ignored. It's a passive aggressive cockblock because whats happening is, that her friend starts to notice that she is getting 'bored' and she then proceeds to start to shut ME OUT along with her friend and from there my value started to plummett as i got into 'question interviewer' mode and eventually into the dreaded 'okay is this guy ever gonna leave' mode.

What the 2nd girl is did in ALL 3 SETS is try to make it VERY CLEAR she was basically freezing me out. What would happen is the set would open up okay and both chicks would be very friendly, talkative, receptive etc. Then when it became obvious which one i liked and who indeed i was targeting, the 2nd girl (in all 3 situations!) would do stuff like literally turn away from me and the target and 1) go to sleep 2) cover her face 3) give me brief dirty look glances as i made her friend laugh etc etc. Then what also happened (in all 3 sets too) is that when the target would notice that her friend was freezing me out SHE would start to do the same! It was fucked up because in all three sets things were going really good until the 2nd girl would go into freeze out mode and the target would follow suit like a sheep.

This is when my value would plummett and id become the guy that wouldnt go away. My routines i ran were the cube (i have my own rendition of it that is actually just the cube but using the 4 elements- it works great BTW!) best friends test, esp test (successful 2 out of 3 sets) and have a BHV story that works great. I would say my routines on 2 of the sets were for the most part successful. I got positive results out of the target however after running the routines is when i think it was obvious to the 2nd girl that i was trying to hit on her friend and thats when the freeze out would begin.

My question is what can i do to keep both parties involved while still working my target???? It was pretty amazing how in all 3 sets the target would follow suit as soon as her friend started to freeze me out especially just after i successfully performed a decent routine. Im sure people have ran into this problem and can help with this.

The thing is about my game, is that i come across as very sincere and sweet so when i do get cockblocked by 'the friend' it's usually never mean or abrasive, its usually just passive agressive like above examples.

Any help/advice would be appreciated!