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Thread: How To Open A Girl In The Street

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    Not a big fan of his method.. he is very attractive (almost model like). Of course he is going to have success with Direct Game when he approaches hundreds of women.

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    dxfan Guest


    I feel that a street/day game approach can sometimes be even easier than the club/bar scene. Woman are not expecting to get hit on here. It follows the ideal getting sweped off their feet randomly dream all girls share. At bars or clubs woman have there shield up high cuz this is were they always get approached.

    Goo day/street game is easy, just pretend its not an approach.

    Ask her for direction
    good food in the area
    were the nearest mall is
    from there just transitions, maybe making a comment about her which will lean to more talk.

    day game is all about obersvation and being quick. usually you will be sarging on your own and woman wont be loosened up by drinks. so bring you A game for street sarging.

    Madd Hatter

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    381 Guest

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    Yeah, this is where I defer to Paul Janka. His whole system, and gaming style revolves around street pick-ups. I have had fairly good success with his method, with practice I know I could seriously improve.

    A basic pick-up, using his method, goes like this:

    Notice something about her (Generally not physical attributes) such as clothes.

    Further Complicate:

    After her initial response, make up some reason why her solution won't work for you (gets her more invested in trying to help you plus, it gets busy thinking and talking for a bit to allow you to think about a transition)

    If there is no way you can come up with a way to get her number from your opener and where the conversation went, you build in a transition, and start a new thread of conversation

    Mention either some reason why you will want to get a hold of her again:
    In case you get lost following her directions, she seems like a friendly person and you want to get a drink with her sometime ect. Whip out your phone and get the number.

    Get the hell out:
    Hug her, pat her on the back, fist bump, blow a kiss, some small level of Kino, and thank her, and then get out of there.

    Wait several hours to a day and then txt her (note: your txt doesn't have to have any thing to do with the reason you originally requested the number).

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    focus Guest

    Default bar openers

    I've tried this many times and get results. try this. when you are in a bar with your friends (while holding your beer) , look for a toilet. if you see your target is on your way to the toilet, just as you pass her by, stop and ask her for help (to hold your beer) : " hold for me for awhile. Emergency." Don't wait until she reply. just as soon as she grab your beer, get off. go to the toilet. And remember to have a good eye contact when you first talk to her. after few minutes, when you re done, get back to your target. mind your body language. always approach her from your side. never turn your body facing her. not now. so, ask her: " where is my beer?" then she'll return it to you. you ask :"did you put something inside?" She, most of the time, will reply :"no." your respond: "how can i trust you?".. then she will eventually respond and try to prove that there is nothing happen to your beer. after this section, follow by your own creativity. be funny, get to know each other, ask opinion, relationship opinion, jealousy girlfriend etc etc. make sure to get back to your friend later or she'll introduce her girlfriends to you..anything can happen. again, this is one of my all time favorite opener.

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    381 Guest


    Haha... @focus: that was a good one yeah.... but what iv she is in a hurry or shy and walks away with ur beer and she goes back to her friends? In that case, wudnt it be difficult to Isolate her and carry on with the routine??

    but if not, then its a damn good way to get to knw her!

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    focus Guest


    If that case happen, u have to go and look for her. well, its your beer at the first place. and you have the right to get back your beer. again, it is not your fault to ask her help at the first place. your are in emergency remember? go find and ask her. "well, robber. where's my beer? I saved money for weeks just to buy that beer for me tonight and u just simply take it away from me?" Be cocky n funny. then if her friends interfere, bring them along in the conversation. and neg your target in the middle of conversation. "is your friend always like this? when somebody in a hurry, ask for help then she normally take advantage? like taking my beer away?" then...bla bla bla.... after awhile, continue with your routine. keep thinking positive. always have plan B. if you did it in a right way, everything goes well. they come to have fun. be fun. if this still dont work out, get off in a nice way and get back to your friend. continue to have fun. dont get discourage.

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    381 Guest


    Ahh.... thnks for clearing that out like.. now its a foolproof plan yeah.. hahaha..

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    ZiGzAg Guest

    Default rejection

    a very decent way to help with your complete way to street approach (or anywhere in general) is to read the rejection report by gambler, insane method that works insanely well.

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    RyanIsNice Guest

    Default Re: Street Opening?

    Quote Originally Posted by 381 View Post
    Haha... @focus: that was a good one yeah.... but what iv she is in a hurry or shy and walks away with ur beer and she goes back to her friends? In that case, wudnt it be difficult to Isolate her and carry on with the routine??

    but if not, then its a damn good way to get to knw her!

    Ya i would be weary of using that one only because i know some pretty brutal girls that i wouldn't hand anything to. But it could definitely work well if you are a trusting individual or like drinking hooker spit

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