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Thread: How To Open A Girl In The Street

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    FrankDrebbin Guest

    Default Re: rejection

    Where can one find this method?

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    Nubbi Guest

    Default Re: Street Opening?


    a question, if you please. why should i hand over the beer from my side and not face the girl? Won't facing her make her pay attention more and well, actually hold my precious beer?

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    calmness Guest

    Default Re: Street Opening?

    For me the key for this game is to over come your shyness, but unfortunately I'm not good at overcoming my shyness

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    Pinai Guest

    Default Re: Street Opening?

    calmness... your shyness will be there until the day you die so I hope, for your sake, you will sarge ahead despite the quivering insides

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    Default Re: Street Opening?

    Quote: gunsnglory
    "Further Complicate: After her initial response, make up some reason why her solution won't work for you (gets her more invested in trying to help you plus, it gets busy thinking and talking for a bit to allow you to think about a transition)"

    Excellent tactic, "Further Complicate" is a great phrase to explain what needs to be done to keep a conversation going.

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    schttrj Guest

    Default Re: Street Opening?

    Street Dating is really tough...!

    And I think the best opener is "Hi, I'm X"....But the most important thing is The Vibe that you give out. Don't be too strong or too weak on approach. Just MEET her to know about her.

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    PFED Guest

    Default Re: Street Opening?

    Hey, I need some help. There's a fine cashier at this grocery store I always go to. What's a good opener for that?

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    rezn8 Guest

    Default Re: Street Opening?

    Well first of all, I'm surprised no one is promoting going in more direct. You only have a few minutes to make an impression on her. Go for it. If nothing else, open by complimenting her style.

    Quote Originally Posted by PFED View Post
    Hey, I need some help. There's a fine cashier at this grocery store I always go to. What's a good opener for that?
    Here's just one quick idea: When a cashier rings you up just give her some odd amount of bills and change. It usually puzzles them pretty good - she rings up a total of 24.32 and you hand her 27.86, but do so casually just like you would if you're paying with exact change.

    Another thing; when she hands you the reciept, sign it like she's asking for your autograph. Include something along the lines of "To (cashier's name), for the groceries", which I also say aloud. It always get a good laugh. Banter with her like she's seeking you out.

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    Revolver Guest

    Default Re: Street Opening?

    Quote Originally Posted by 381 View Post
    Haha... @focus: that was a good one yeah.... but what iv she is in a hurry or shy and walks away with ur beer and she goes back to her friends? In that case, wudnt it be difficult to Isolate her and carry on with them

    but if not, then its a damn good way to get to knw her!

    Yeah I went to a few clubs with a couple girls b4...(social proof) and if a STRANGER asked them to hold their drink they would have set that shit right back down or would have told you to set it on the floor...

    I think it would work, I just dont think it should be ur opener... u need more rapport before you do that...but hey, if it works, it works can't argue with results...props

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    Revolver Guest

    Default Re: Street Opening?

    Quote Originally Posted by chris toms View Post
    Try this one out :

    In a relaxed and confident way walk up to the girl, smile look her in the eye and say the following,
    'Excuse me, i had to come and tell you, i really like your style............wha ts your name ?.......xxxxx......r epeat her name back and then introduce yourself.

    or............'Hey, you look incredible ! i can only stay a sec...but who are you anyway? then begin the conversation.

    or..........Excuse me, I just saw you walking past and had to tell you your cute....Im xxxxxx and shake her hand.
    I LOVE that "I like your style" opener...I once walked up to a girl and said with a lot of energy "I LOVE your energy" it was a day approach on campus and I number closed her within one minute...literally. I originally wasn't trying to game her, but the approach went so well I had HER following ME around and Number Close was butter... thanks for reminding me of this GREAT day game. opener I forgot about it...I'm gonna hit the streets and try it again

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