Okay so in brainstorming just a little bit more i have thought of a routine tahat is meant to get ALL 3 of her timelines out of her as quickly as possible. please feel free to add suggestions to this because any way to make the routine stronger will help us all. Here's my "This or That" timeline revealer:

Okay so basically after you build some kind of rapport and get her engaged you ask her to play a game of "this or that" with you. If she doesnt know what it is tell her "i'll show you" and start the game. Basically the game is just a simple back and forth of questioning to find out which of 2 similar items/things or people you like better. So for example, start the game and say....
"McDonalds or Burger King?"
(or you can say 'hamburger or salad')

she says either one.
Once she answers you let her ask you something like:
Drama movies or Comedy Movies???
(and you answer which one you prefer)
then you think of another "This or That" and ask her and so forth.

Okay so i'm thinking you rattle off the first couple and DONT TAKE turns at first to further engage her. Maybe start with some really simple but fun 'this or that' questions. I dunno maybe:
Reality TV or Sitcoms?
Pancakes or Waffles?
Sesame Street or the Muppet Show?

then after you've asked a few let her try and do a few on you get the game going and make sure she's involved.

the next set of "This or That" questions that you ask her are meant to get her to reveal her timelines. Observe:

Then you ask:
"Paris Hilton: (yes taken from the other routine i posted)
Trashy? or just Doin her thing and having fun?"
this answer to this could reveal or at least give clues to her sexual line: deny/justify

Nice comfortable house & picket fence? or Condo in the hippest part of the city?"
this answer could reveal or give clues to her Idealist/Realist line

"One big amazing experience or a hundred of little ones?"
this answer could reveal or give clues to her Investor/Tester line

Okay so you get my drift.... Basically as long as you can get her engaged in the game you can even KEEP asking pandoras box timeline type questions each time and see if she's always swaying one way or another to get a true timeline reveal from her. Or u can basically decipher just from her 3 answers and look for more supporting evidence as you get her to talk more.
Im open to more "this or that" type questions that may work better if anyone has any. i was thinking other stuff like:

"Tommy Lee or George Clooney"
(reveals wether she is Invest/Test)

"Being free or Being Secure?"
(reveals BIG TIME Test/Invest IMO)

"young and modern or old school and traditional"?
(reveals realist/idealist)

...and i need more suggestions on some this or that questions to get her to reveal "Deny/Justify" in a way that its not obvious. I think itd be too obvious if u said some crap like:
"sex on first date or kiss?"
"good girl or bad girl"

okay here's on how about:
"Romance or Passion?"
(reveals deny/Justify)

lets brainstorm all u Pandoras Box practitioners and experts!!!