Lately, I've been going over Gambler's Stealth Attraction course. After going over the material a couple times, I went online looking for more material on non-verbal escalation.

I then came across a PUA by the name of 60YearsOfChallenge. After googling him, I found that he ranked as TSBmag's #9 PUA last year. So, I got my hands on his Complete Game Seduction System His material basically revolves around the principle of micro escalation on a non-verbal level. He teaches that escalation is extremely attractive, and doing it on a non-verbal level primarily limits rejection to simple pulling away of her hand, etc. or in the most extreme cases, a simple No.

You guy's gotta get:
1) Stealth Attraction - Richard La Ruina (a.k.a. Gambler)
2) The Complete Game Seduction System - 60YearsOfChallenge
3) pandora's box - Vin Dicarlo *By the way, the ph.D course is awesome*