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    Default PUA Method Review

    Hey guys,

    So I decided that I should dive in at the deep end and I did a bootcamp last weekend. I chose PUA Method because of the meditation and also reading past reviews of their bootcamp. My review / write up is below.

    p.s. I'll be out a lot next week and putting these new skills into practice, pm me if you live in London.


    Day 1 (Friday)

    I arrived at Piccadilly Circus at 7 and met the rest of guys on the course for the first time. The coaches for that night were Kingy, John and Rooz all of whom seemed pretty cool right from the off.

    From here we headed to Piccadilly institute where we got out first couple of hours of theory. The information they gave me included several openers, a basic linear pattern that should be kept in mind whilst picking up girls and a few routines to use when the conversation went quiet. All the coaches did stress however that more natural based game revolving round push pull, being unreactive and alpha male qualities would be more useful and yield better results in the long run.

    After the theory part of the night sarging began. We left Piccadilly institute (for a while) and headed to a quiet bar where we were to do the first few approaches of the night. All the other guys seemed quite happy to do this but I really couldnít. I approached a 3 set of HB7ís who completely ignored me and I didnít feel at all like trying again, ended up freezing up. Kingy saw this and told me to live more in the moment and accept that I have no idea what to say I just need to approach he told me to jump up and down to get energised (which I also really didnít want to do) and sent me in to wing on a hb5 set, this went a lot better but wasnít attracted to the girl I was chatting to, so I ejected.

    I was starting to feel really frustrated and agitated with myself at this point, ive paid for this bootcamp, promised myself id leave my comfort zone and I was stood doing nothing. I decided to get a drink. I had decided to take this bootcamp to be able to game without being drunk as ordinarily ill get drunk and talk to anyone until something catches on.

    After several drinks I was far more open to approaching. We entered a private party for teachers looking for jobs and I approached a two set (HB6,HB5). I said they seemed cool and wanted to meet them, they asked if Iíd snook in to which I replied there was no sneaking involved. They asked me what I did, told them to guess, joked around with this for a while but I didnít really know where to take it so ejected after a while.

    Shortly before leaving I opened a 2 set (hb6,hb5) opened in the same way, you guys seem cool, opened well. They guessed at my job again and then I guessed the HB6 who I was now alone with (wing was occupying other), I guessed yacht captain, she misheard me for youth counseller and was amazed, asked if id look through her back, I asked if she had any hearing aids in there as id said yacht captain, she laughed. We roll played on this for a while with heavy IOIís from her, one of the lads came over and said we were leaving, I told her to give me here number, she did kissed me on the cheek and gave me a cheeky wave as I was leaving.

    We headed back to Piccadilly Institute, where I found it hard to approach again. I didnít want to open sets that I didnít find attractive but all the ones that were were no less than 5 sets and incredibly intimidating. I got blown out a few times, and number closed another set who I wasnít particularly attracted to just before leaving. I approached with is Russell brand hot opener, they asked me why I was talking to them, was I an actor or did I work for the club, I said no to both and told them to give me their number they both vied to give me it, took one and left.

    We debriefed outside before heading home. The feedback the instructors gave me as great as was their support throughout the night.

    At the end of the night I was really disappointed in myself for not putting myself out there enough and doing what I had signed up to do (to approach hot girls), furthermore I hadnít even managed to do this sober, went home feeling pretty dejected.

    Day 2 (Saturday)

    The original schedule for the boot camp listed Saturdayís starting time as 6 in the evening. However upon arriving on Friday night Kingy began by telling us that this had changed. We were now going to meet at 2, watch some infield footage, discuss day game theory and then try some day game before moving on to the night game, in essence we were receiving 4 hours more than we signed up for (this ethos of spending as much time as possible with students, in my opinion, was really cool. John, in my case, couldnít have given me anymore time if he had of tried, as I mention later).

    We met at two and went to a meeting room where we watched a video of all the coaches do a street approach. All of them were great, the most notable of these, in my opinion, included a video of Beckster opening a seated two set (really hot girls) number closing one and kiss closing the other.

    After an hour or so of the infield videos with Kingy and Jordan giving us breakdown of what was going on we left, inspired, to try some street game.

    Having never approached during the day before, I was fairly nervous but threw myself into it. Opened fairly directly, got blown out on the first approach but got a facebook close on the second which really boosted my confidence. One of the guys approached one the hottest girls Iíve ever seen and number closed her within minutes, pretty impressive after only a day and half there.

    We walked to tiger tiger, to meet Beckster. Iíd really been looking forward to this and was pretty excited to meet him after watching his videos on youtube. He gave us some great ideas and routines, went over story telling and afterwards his Girlfriend (a solid 10) gave us a few fashion tips, all of which I found pretty useful. If I got the chance I would definitely spend a lot more time with Beckster.

    It was around 8/9 now and we headed back to Piccadilly Institute for another night gaming. I struggled all night approaching, the first set I approached blanked me completely and that set me on a downward spiral. Having said this though there wasnít a minute ALL night were I didnít have a coach to myself, Roger spent a solid hour throwing me into sets and talking me through my concerns and then john worked with me for the rest of the night. He gave me several openers he used himself, spoke about framing and really showed me that he cared about my progress rather than just doing the bootcamps as a job.

    By 1 (again an hour after the supposed end of the day) I was too tired and down hearted to approach any more. John debriefed us and then asked me to spend a little time talking with him. He knew I was really feeling low and spent a good half hour to an hour talking to me, doing a little NLP stuff and pointing out that I shouldnít be so outcome dependant. Although pretty disappointed in myself, I left feeling that tomorrow was another day and happy with the moderate success Iíd had.

    Day 3 (Sunday)

    Sunday revolved mainly around day game. We met at Piccadilly circus before heading to tiger tiger to do some work with Chloe HB helper. One approach she was very receptive and friendly and on the next she incredibly cold so that we could get an idea of how to handle each situation. Although strangely nervous doing this I found it fairly useful.

    After Chloe left Kingy took us for some inner game work. Id mentioned how down id felt the night before and how I was really struggling with aa so he used my to demonstrate some meditation techniques. He asked me to really focus on the feeling and describe it to him, the more I did this and he talked me through it, the less bothered I became by it. This exercise (and the hour we spent on meditation) really worked for me and helped calm my nerves later on.

    After meditation we hit the streets for several hours of day game, I got 3 numbers and two FB closes in total and can say that even those girls I didnít close I got a fairly good response from.

    During the day game Kingy listened to several of my approaches threw a hidden microphone, he then gave me feedback, in my case that was that I wasnít doing enough qualification.


    I had a great weekend, there were times I think I should have thrown myself into the spirit of things much more wholeheartedly, but the coaches ensured I made improvements. The main thing I can say about pua method bootcamp is how much time each instructor has for you. Everyone really helped me when I was feeling down and the time john spent with me on Saturday really boosted my spirits, im going to plough into approaching back home now and really hope to be involved again with the guys at pua methods again as soon as I can.

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    Default Re: PUA Method Review

    so how are you getting on almost a year on? did you keep it up or go to anymore bootcamps?

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