Yes, it does work. It's very nerve-wrecking at the beginning ( I had to drink a lot of vodka before actually going for it, but wasn't drunk at all ), but you'll get used to it, if you keep doing it.

Tried it 5 times, 2 times succeeded. One brunette, one redhead, both HB9's. Both times at clubs. Wanted to go for a blonde HB10 with this, but she left right when I wanted to make my move.

One of them has gotten pretty desperate, the other we did message like crazy the following day, but that's about it, never heard from her ever since ( about 2-3 weeks ago ). Tried to call, but she didn't answer and she didn't call back. I literally made no mistakes, so I think she just wanted a one night stand and that's it.

The desperate chick, well, she turned from a very tantalizing and vixen attitude chick to a cartoon of a "girlfriend" like literally overnight. Texts random shit, wants to meet all the time, gets extremely territorial when any chick is present. After the Apocalypse incident, we've been on 2 dates, had sex in the woods on the second date, but not interested in anything more than what is happening now.

The brunette was the first one I approached, though. I was out with my wing on a Friday night and my wing just pointed at her ( subtly ) and said "Look". I gave it a thought, I got mentally blocked, but went for it eventually, though I did that the second time, not at first. When I first wanted to go for her, I made literally just one step and another guy appeared out of nowhere and kissed her on her neck, so I dropped it and watched how shit's going from afar. Visibly annoyed by the guy, she simply pushed him away and made it known to him that it's the last time he's going to see her. With shit like this flying around, I was weary that this shit was going to happen to me too, but I said "What the fuck" and went for it anyway. At that time she was checking her phone. It went something like this.

Me: Hi, how's your night going along?
HB: ( looks at me, then back to her phone ) Fine, thanks. Busier than usual, but fine.
Me: Cool. What are you doing later?
HB: Umm...I don't know. ( still looking at her phone )
Me: Would you like to come over at my place?
HB: ( visible SHOCK ) oh, wow...
( at this point, I get a text from a friend telling me about a fight that happened earlier that night. Perfect timing for me to be busy Read the message. About 10 seconds of silence passed. Looked right at her, then checked her out, but had a boyish smile on my face )
HB : Umm...oh wow ( she kept saying that. I was biting my lip not to say a damn word...and then ). Shouldn't we first have a drink or something?
Me : Sure. Hey listen, I saw you have a Volkswagen and I wanted to ask you what dealer you got it from? ( She had her keys in her hand ).

Transitioned into a nice topic right there, as we were walking to get a drink.
And that basically sums it up really nice.

Different night : The desperate redhead however, was pretty much "he shoots, he scores" type. She was on the dancefloor, waiting for someone, hit on her just as I saw her. Well, she reeked of beer, so I thought this shit's going to be easy. So I shoot :

Me: Hi, how's your night going along?
HB: Really good, thanks.
Me: Cool. What are you doing later?
HB: I don't know, maybe bounce
Me: Would you like to come over at my place?
HB: ( looks at me for 5 seconds or so ) well, you're really cute, I'm hammered, so why not.

Wanted to transition into another thing, but she cut me off :
HB: Can't we have this talk after sex?


Me: You mean NOW?
HB:Well...Bathroom's over there.

At this point I wanted to bail out, because it was dubiously easy, but the thought left me when we got in the bathroom.

After we had our fun, we went to get a drink and talk. I've tried to kiss her later on, but she kept denying me and that shit made me crazy. She kept it going on like this for the rest of the night.

Later on the date I found out that she was waiting for an ex to show up to make him jealous, and went into a really complicated story. Turns out she's a nutcase.

So anyway, here's the proof. Apocalypse Opener works. Not all the time, but it works.