This is the case, all week long, my co-worker invited me to go to a club with her to her friend's (whom I don't know) birthday clubbing event. I don't have interest in this girl, and I promised I'd drive her. She also told me to bring people if I liked to, so I invited my friend and his girlfriend from another town... original plans were supposed to be laid back, and I go to the club and work on my skills.

NOW, this morning, my friend has managed to bring along the girl (HB9 and I have interest in her) I met last week and I don't know what to do. We are supposed to go to dinner and clubbing together now. I can entertain her no problem, but what should I do? bail the original party that I don't know, so I can accomodate this girl, or still bring her to the same party, because technically, if i attend to the original party, I'd have to drive my co-worker and this girl, it'd be a sticky situation. would this be a dhv situation, or a risky one? I mean there's alcohol in everyone, I know my co-worker will naturally dance nd flirt with me hardcore. What should I do about my co-worker? kindly decline? what do and say?

any help would be nice.